Korean missionary tells of torture in North Korea

Robert Park, 28, a Korean American missionary crossed the North Korea border from China on Christmas Day 2009. Park said he crossed so he could spread the message of God's love to the North Koreans and to call on the current leaders to open the border to let in medical supplies and food relief for... Continue Reading →

Christians playing in World Series give God glory

This time of the year is what I call the Sweet Spot of the sports world where you can watch current games in professional baseball, professional basketball, and professional football. Recently CBN sports reporter Shawn Brown spoke to Christian MLB players in the World Series about their relationship with Jesus Christ. I think it's a... Continue Reading →

Rich playwright gets saved after son gets healed

In 2008, Manoj Raithatha and his family faced a frightening circumstance.  According to him, "My two-year-old son was taken to St. Thomas' Hospital in London with severe breathing problems..." Manoj at that time was a very successful playwright with the awards to prove it and was a successful real estate broker.  His acclaim in both... Continue Reading →

12 Bible-based sayings often used in society

Have you ever noticed how those who want to completely do away with the Bible and Christianity commonly use terms that originated with the Bible?  I find this ironic in an amusing way since atheists and agnostics who hate Christians and hate the Bible inadvertently use these phrases in their conversations.  Maybe they should thank God that he... Continue Reading →

Nothing is hallowed about Halloween

Samhain (pronounced sow-in or sah-ween, meaning “summer’s end”) began as a Celtic celebration of the harvest, the end of the old year and beginning of a new one, and a celebration of death many centuries ago.  The various rituals during the celebrations were led by the Druids who were the priest class of the Celts.  During this... Continue Reading →

China expands its access to world’s resources

With China's economy growing by leaps and bounds, the Chinese government is moving quickly to gain more access to more of the world's resources to keep up with its growth spurts.  According to The Independent of  the UK, "[t]his year alone, Chinese companies have laid out billions of dollars buying up stakes in Canada's oil... Continue Reading →

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