Jesus Seminar creates counterfeit New Testament

According to Psalm 138:2, God has magnified his word above his name. He considers what he said, as recorded in the Bible, as more important than his very name. And he backs this up with several warnings throughout the scripture not to add to or take away from what he's said and to beware of... Continue Reading →

Mayor Bloomberg makes light of surveillance privacy concerns

Honestly, this guy must be a Freemason. Mayor Bloomberg, one of the biggest proponents of having a nanny state that keeps a short leash on citizens, expressed his disdain on his radio show Friday to all of the objections raised about drones and surveillance cameras everywhere watching everyone's moves. He referred to those objections as... Continue Reading →

Aborted baby body parts illegally used cosmetically in Hungary

When people devalue human life in the womb, fearfully and wonderfully formed by the Creator, there are practically no lows they won't sink to. Earlier this week in Budapest, Hungary, a court case was heard where the accused, operators of several plastic surgery clinics, were using aborted baby body parts in solutions that were injected... Continue Reading →

Volcanoes help cool the Earth

From 2000 to 2010, scientists discovered an anomaly in their dire predictions about global warming. Earth did not warm as much as they thought it would. They originally blamed the developing industries in India and China of releasing too much sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere which chemically reacted with Earth's atmospheric aerosol to create sulfuric... Continue Reading →

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