The Prophetic Ministry of Music in the Church

Music has always been a major aspect of serving and worshiping Jehovah. It's so important to God that it was present when he created Earth (Job 38:4-7) and it will be present when he goes through the process of ending Earth (Revelation 15) in the last of the last days. In our service to the... Continue Reading →

Singer Katy Perry to pay Christian artist for copyright theft

Pop singer Katy Perry, known for using occultic imagery in her concerts and videos for her chart-topping songs, will have to pay Christian artist Marcus Gray for a hit song he co-wrote in 2008. Gray, better known as Christian rapper "Flame", filed the lawsuit against Perry over her 2013 hit "Dark Horse", which stole the... Continue Reading →

YouTube’s Vigilant Christian warns about Christian musicians

YouTube's Vigilant Christian expresses his disappointment over Christian artists Tori Kelly & Lecrae compromising with the world to gain fame. It came to his attention recently that Tori Kelly has scheduled a concert at the Masonic Temple in Detroit and he shares scripture to warn Christians about being in a lukewarm state when we defend... Continue Reading →

Christian rapper Andy Mineo: “We should love & accept LGBTQ Christians”

"Christian" rapper Andy Mineo and his mentor "Christian" rapper LeCrae recently had an encounter with a man in the process of outwardly pretending to be a woman--what the world calls a transgender. They saved the guy from suicide in New York City. So Mineo has now used that experience of justifiably and heroically saving someone's... Continue Reading →

Thar’s good in them thar hymns: music’s importance to the church

When it comes to what type of music should be played in church, the opinions are probably as vast as the individuals who attend church. Some believers think only old hymns are good enough for church, others think the praise and worship music of today should be the dominant or only format in church, and still others think... Continue Reading →

Why do Christians encourage hypocrisy of secular artists?: Bieber & Kanye

When the saints of God pray, sing praises, or talk praises to the Lord, the Bible calls it a sacrifice of praise (Jer. 33:11; Heb. 13:15). It's an important part of our covenant relationship with him. So when I see people making fun of it, in ignorance or deliberately, it rubs me the wrong way. This... Continue Reading →

Ecumenism efforts for one world church amped up by ‘evangelicals’ and the Pope

Signs of the times continue to unfold as we get closer to the Lord's rapture of his church and the world's welcoming of the Antichrist. Some prominent evangelicals have expressed their endorsements for Pope Francis's efforts to push all churches toward one world religion in the grip of the Roman Catholic Church. Prior to the... Continue Reading →

Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman gives uneasy answer on Christian station re: Supreme Court gay marriage decision

Jon Foreman, lead singer of Christian band Switchfoot, is on a promotional tour to hype up his solo project "The Wonderlands." He begins a concert tour for the album in August. Known for playing secular venues and dodging the "Christian artist" label, he is popular in both Christian and secular music worlds. As part of... Continue Reading →

Does it matter how the Christian music industry is perceived?

Gospel singer Kirk Franklin recently wrote a tribute to the late Andrae Crouch, who died in January. He made note of Crouch's soul-stirring music which crossed all ethnic boundaries and made the secular world take note of his talents despite the fact he sang about Jesus. Then Franklin expressed his disappointment that the Christian music... Continue Reading →

Sold out or sellouts?: why I sometimes question Christian music

Let me say first in this post that I think Christian music is fantastic compared to secular music and that I enjoy a broad spectrum of Christian music. I think overall it's more inspirational than the secular. However, I've learned I can't always depend on Christian artists for doctrine or philosophy of life because when... Continue Reading →

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