Window washer miraculously survives 8-story fall

A window washer in Portland, Oregon, who wishes to remain anonymous, is blessed to be alive. On Wednesday, as he was atop an eight-story office building (image above) preparing to descend to clean windows, his equipment failed and he plunged from the roof to the sidewalk below. Conscious the whole time during the fall, the... Continue Reading →

The opposition can’t shipwreck my faith

Because our human nature is sinful, it should come as no surprise when we discover the default setting for most who hear the gospel is to reject it. Isn't that why Christ said broad is the way leading to destruction and many go that way (Matthew 7:13)? When our default setting is to sinfully reject... Continue Reading →

Is the United States really found in Bible prophecy? Part 1

David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries shares his teaching on whether or not the United States is really found in the end times prophecies of the Bible. He highlights some of the past interpretations of Bible prophecy that were mistakenly attributed to the U.S. before laying out the possibilities regarding if and where America... Continue Reading →

How the Democrats are using questionable sexual allegations to stall Kavanaugh confirmation

Here's where the Kavanaugh confirmation consideration stands as Democrats use shady delay tactics with the help of the mainstream media and an allegation that is falling apart in the midst of Democrats showing their hypocrisy. Sean Hannity explains in this 21-minute video.  

Project Veritas exposes Deep State arrogance

Here's the first video released by Project Veritas exposing a State Department employee boasting about his efforts to resist positive changes by President Trump.   The second Project Veritas Deep State video exposes more Deep State actors in other agencies.  

Two women arrested for selling marijuana edibles at Savannah, Georgia, church

Two women are facing felony charges after they sold various illegal marijuana edibles at a local church in Savannah, Georgia. The church was hosting a special event organized by an outside vendor not tied to the church. They were trying to contribute to the local community to showcase and support legitimate local businesses by allowing... Continue Reading →

Jesus works in our day to save people in the midst of impossible situations

John Ankerberg hosts missionaries Tom and JoAnn Doyle who share how the Lord is still working in the affairs of men to save people in areas of the globe where Christianity is forbidden. Through dreams, visions, and everyday circumstances the gospel is reaching the lost even in their impossible circumstances so they can be saved... Continue Reading →

Intercessory prayer seems to have worked against Hurricane Florence

When forecasters began warning about the dangers of Hurricane Florence days ago, it was predicted to be a Category 5 by the time it would make landfall. Then some serious Christians started praying as the government issued evacuation notices. Florence seemed to be destined to be a record-setter. Then on Monday, September 10, a Christian... Continue Reading →

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