Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech Prevail in Finland

On March 30, a court in Finland dismissed "hate speech" charges against a Christian Parliamentarian and a Lutheran bishop who were dragged before the court for expressing their Christian views that traditional marriages, as expressed in the Bible, are the only real marriages. Päivi Räsänen, a 62-year-old medical doctor, has served in Finland's Parliament since... Continue Reading →

The Push to Pervert and Profane What’s Pure

I remember back in the day when the word Disney was synonymous with pure, safe family entertainment. Their movies and shows had good moral lessons to learn from and/or good, clean humor. Sadly, those days are long gone for the entertainment company. Today, leaked video surfaced of two Disney executives boasting about how they blatantly... Continue Reading →

God’s Anointing Empowers Us to Be Sure of Our Salvation

Christians walking in the full assurance of their faith, knowing that they're saved without any doubts, is such a vital concept within Christ's ministry that he had Paul, Peter, and John touch on the subject in their epistles. Paul expressed it in 2 Corinthians 13 where he stated the following: 5 Examine yourselves, whether ye be... Continue Reading →

Hillsong Church’s Board Accepts Brian Houston’s Resignation From Pastoral Role

Brian Houston is now out as senior global pastor of Hillsong Church, which he co-founded with the blessing of the Assemblies of God denomination in 1983. For decades the teachings of the now former megachurch pastor have sounded alarms for Christians who regularly study the scriptures. What he preached just didn't line up with scripture... Continue Reading →

Lessons From God’s Faithfulness in the Midst of Israel’s Rebellions

Tim Moore and Nathan Jones from the TV program Christ in Prophecy in this half-hour video from March 20 host evangelist Olivier Melnick, a Messianic Jew from France. They discuss how God in 2 Chronicles upheld his everlasting covenant with the Jews in their times of rebellion. Also discussed are distinctions between God's promises specifically... Continue Reading →

Working For the Lord Can Be A Thankless Job. But It’s Worth It

Reading through 2 Kings recently made me realize how remarkable a man Elisha was. He was wise, cunning, had unwavering reverence for the Lord, remained ready to hear from the Lord at all times, and loved helping people. Yet, for all the help he gave people, even government leaders, the kindness he showed some of... Continue Reading →

Microchip Brain Implants for the General Public? “No Thanks,” Say Most Americans

A new study by the Pew Research Center reveals that while most Americans think microchip brain implants are a proper application for the sick and/or disabled, they are opposed to using them to enhance brain functions for those who have no such health needs. Negative views of microchip implants were in the majority of American... Continue Reading →

Israel Destroyed Fleet of Iranian Drones; Iran Retaliates With Missiles & Cyberattacks

Erick Stakelbeck discusses some of the latest conflicts between Iran (Persia) and Israel in the 12-minute video below. Iran admitted via it's prodigy terrorist group Hezbollah that in February Israel took out a fleet of its aerial drones from an Israeli installation in Irbil. Allegedly that's why Iran showered the city in northern Iraq with... Continue Reading →

Astronomer Jason Lisle Explains Creationism’s Role in Evangelism

This past Sunday (March 6), Christian astronomer Dr. Jason Lisle was guest speaker at Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain. In this hour-long video, Lisle starts with the Lord Jesus Christ's great commission at the end of Matthew. He then explains how and why it's important for Christians to be able to defend Genesis and how that... Continue Reading →

Comatose Mother Awakens After Life Support is Turned Off

Adam Green of Rotherham, England, has shared the miraculous story of his wife Kate who woke up from a stroke-induced coma after a hospital medical staff turned off the ventilator that they assumed was keeping her alive. Their ordeal began on December 2, 2021, when fitness fanatic Kate and their seven-year-old son, Stanley, were going... Continue Reading →

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