How the Trinity Was Automatically Assumed in Revelation

The book of Revelation is the culmination of God's biblical canon for his church and as such it should be no surprise that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as one Godhead have an active role in it. From verse 1 of chapter 1, we learn this awesome Revelation not only belongs to Jesus Christ,... Continue Reading →

Some Examples of How Jesus Backed Up the Divine Authority of Scripture

Scott Lanser and Henry Smith from the Associates of Biblical Research highlight some examples from the New Testament where Jesus confirmed the infallible authority of the Old Testament scripture. Their discussion shores up the principle that Christians can and should stand firm on the reliability of the Bible. This video was released 2021/10/26 and is... Continue Reading →

Ministering to the Saints is Godly Work and a Labor of Love

Today when we think of the term "minister" or "to minister" in religious circles, what often comes to mind is the clergy of any church, whether dressed in suits, robes, or casual wear carrying out preaching or teaching or running a program for the congregation. However, in the Bible the word has broader application given... Continue Reading →

Professor of “Early Christianity” Claims Magic Helped Shape the Faith

"...magic was integral to the development of Christianity and other religions...," claims Shaily Shashikant Patel of Virginia Tech University who is an Assistant Professor of Early Christianity in her article, "Is magic immoral? It played a role in the development of early Christianity." Patel promotes herself as an "expert in ancient magic and early Christianity, [to] study how... Continue Reading →

How Christ’s Miracle and Educated Fools Drew a Man To Salvation

The interaction in John 9:24-34 between the religious leaders and the healed man who was born blind is an interesting passage. The formerly blind man ended up being wiser and more knowledgeable than those well-educated leaders who professed to be very wise. In verse 24, the educated fools grilled the healed man for a second... Continue Reading →

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