A Biblical view on self-mutilation, or “cutting”

Although the act of people cutting themselves has been discussed over the last few years as if it were a recent fad, self-mutilation has been around for centuries.  The Bible mentions it as being a ritual in pagan societies.  It is first mentioned in Leviticus.  Throughout this book, God through Moses gives a whole list of practices that... Continue Reading →

Black, but comely: positive impacts of Blacks in the Bible

The Bible is a wonderful book that shows the interactions among humans and God's interactions with man.  Although the word of God highlights Israel as God's centerpiece of mankind, it also points out that God doesn't play favorites based on race or ethnicity, desiring that all men have a relationship with him.  Many stories in the... Continue Reading →

Stumping on Sunday: politicians in the pulpit

During election years, it has been the common practice of candidates running for office to show up in churches on Sunday to do a little stumping from the pulpit.  It's a very cunning strategy since politicians can address a large crowd that already has plans to gather and saves their campaign organizers from spending the... Continue Reading →

The spiritual bankruptcy of moral relativity

What is moral relativity? Moral relativity, or the belief that there is no absolute truth that can be applied to morals and ethics, continues to be a popular mindset in our society.  It is also one of the many philosophical tools that makes things worse in the world since it tends to lead to embracing and promoting evil.  "What's... Continue Reading →

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