Research Comparing Atheists to the Religious Concludes Both Groups Are Moral

University researchers, after surveying the religious and atheists in both the US and Sweden, have drawn the conclusion that both groups have a moral compass with similar principles like fairness and kindness toward others. As a result of their survey, the researchers concluded that atheists aren't really immoral people as is assumed. They simply have... Continue Reading →

New Study Shows We’re Advancing Faster Toward a Cashless Society

Financial technology company FIS released a study on Wednesday, February 24, revealing that electronic payment transactions surpassed the use of cold, hard cash in 2020 for the first time ever. The ramifications of what they discovered can bring up some concerns that we are definitely moving toward the totalitarian system prophesied in Revelation 13 where... Continue Reading →

Bible Reading Gives Christians Hope and Mental Well-Being During Pandemic

According to a recent survey done by Christian Research on behalf of the Bible Society in the UK, the coronavirus pandemic has prompted many Christians to find comfort, hope, and mental well-being in Bible reading. Among the many positive results noted in the poll were that Bible readers felt their confidence level was either maintained... Continue Reading →

“They’ll Come After Bible Characters Next,” Says Fox News’s Bill Hemmer

On Friday, Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer and co-host Dana Perino discussed a Chicago initiative to review the names of statues and landmarks in the city. The guest for the segment was Carley Shimkus. Chicago leaders are trying to show they are "woke" enough to consider the demands of the trained Marxists and terrorists, Black... Continue Reading →

Fierce Human Opposition Won’t Stop Godly Boldness

The gospel from its very inception through the Lord Jesus Christ has always faced contentions and opposition, yet it has continued to consistently spread and save millions of lives through the centuries. Why and how is that possible? When Paul wrote to the Thessalonians, he gave us some ideas as to why and how the... Continue Reading →

Taking Comfort That God’s Vengeance is Carefully Prepared

Jehovah is purposeful and deliberate about everything he does, including how he carries out his vengeance. When his vengeance is unleashed, he refuses to do it with unprincipled mercy or random wrath. Yet, in the midst of his vengeance Jehovah is also the God of mercy. His perfect nature guarantees that the necessity for vengeance... Continue Reading →

Mike Lindell’s Documentary “Absolute Proof” Sounds the Alarm on Election Concerns

Cancel culture leftists and Establishment Republicans have made it their goal to cancel the My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell, from all stores, the news, and social media. However, he used his resources to put together this documentary entitled "Absolute Proof" with the help of data and security experts and it has gone viral since he... Continue Reading →

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