Majority of US pastors see increased giving

The boost in the economy is having a ripple effect on giving to churches, according to LifeWay Research who just released results on a survey of 1,000 Protestant pastors they conducted between August 29 and September 11. Executive director of LifeWay, Scott McConnell, says the full results for financial gifts to church as a result... Continue Reading →

The gospel according to meme: guilt, greed, and glory in postmodern churches

Religion blogger Benjamin L. Corey recently shared his views on the mindset of churches in America compared to Christians who serve in places like India. He expressed his disdain for the "Jesus + bling" prosperity gospel that permeates not only mega-churches, but small and medium-sized American churches also. How did we get where we are... Continue Reading →

The widow’s mite: a lesson on religious abuse

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in any Christian church is familiar with the story of Jesus' commenting on a poor widow giving her last mite to the treasury of the Jewish temple.  Throughout the years of my attending church services, this story has always been one of the ways religious leaders have tried to prompt or guilt people... Continue Reading →

Some reasons why churches want your tithe

In his book, The Second Coming of the Church, Christian sociologist George Barna discovered five basic ways that church leaders in America judge the success of their ministry. They are as follows: congregational size, size of church facilities, scope of the ministry, budget size, and pastoral credibility. Out of these five, pastoral credibility is the most... Continue Reading →

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