Jesus works in our day to save people in the midst of impossible situations

John Ankerberg hosts missionaries Tom and JoAnn Doyle who share how the Lord is still working in the affairs of men to save people in areas of the globe where Christianity is forbidden. Through dreams, visions, and everyday circumstances the gospel is reaching the lost even in their impossible circumstances so they can be saved... Continue Reading →


Joyful sharing should be an act of confidence and patience

Speaking from personal experience, it's a great feeling of encouragement and contentment when you contribute funds and/or other material things to a ministry that puts them to good use to render positive results for God's glory. That's what the believing Jews experienced when they partnered financially with Paul in his ministry. As Paul highlights in... Continue Reading →

Whether it’s church discipline or forgiveness, it should be about love

Churches dealing with hard topics and situations has been the norm for the Christian church from the beginning. It's imperative for congregations to strike a balance in love and wisdom regarding how to handle people who threaten to weaken an assembly with their sinful behavior. This is what I learned from Corinth's challenges. In 1... Continue Reading →

God never forgets our actions that accompany salvation

Hebrews 6 begins with some spiritual concerns over some in the church who were falling away from the faith or had already done so. Their actions revealed they were not real Christians. However, the writer (who I believe to be Paul) then proceeds in the middle of the chapter on a positive note of encouragement... Continue Reading →

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