Don’t push it, or, how much do you think you can get away with?

A few nights ago in Des Moines, Iowa, Toyusi Johnson by all indications decided to get behind the wheel of his vehicle while drinking. In one sense, it didn't end well. In another sense, he was very fortunate even though he didn't deserve it. While driving at a high rate of speed, Johnson smashed into... Continue Reading →


The US may not be as far gone as Europe, but we still have lots of room for improvement

I've said several times before how pleased I am about President Trump and his conservative policies when it comes to abortion, national security, federal regulations, taxes, Israel, and other things. I'm glad the US is not socialist or authoritarian as so much of the rest of the world (especially Europe), but we are not even... Continue Reading →

When rulers overestimate themselves, God’s judgment is sure to follow

The era leading up to Judah's Babylonian captivity was overwhelmingly corrupt. There were many warning signs that typified their downward spiral. If we study them, we can see the same things happening in our world today. Isaiah pointed out a lot of the warning signs by God's direction and offered Judah several opportunities to repent,... Continue Reading →

Bad boy gone good: how & why God forgave a murderous occultist

Manasseh, the king of Judah and son of the righteous king Hezekiah, must have had some type of "daddy issues." In spite of him witnessing how his father's righteousness had made Judah become the most prosperous it had ever been, including technological advances (2 Kings 20:20), Manasseh rebelled against everything his father did and reversed... Continue Reading →

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