Called to Persuade People, Being Mindful of the Ultimate Divine Appointment

Confidence with pure, godly motivations. That's what Paul, his companions in the ministry, and other apostles sought to display as they traveled the world preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is what he explained in 2 Corinthians 5:8-11. These are qualities all believers should shoot for. In the midst of their Holy... Continue Reading →

Why It Pays to Bless Those Who Curse Us

Given the society we live in today, it's common and deemed acceptable to curse out someone when they curse at us. Lashing out against someone who offends us is part of our sinful human nature. Nevertheless, when we know the Lord, he has supplied us with the power to restrain ourselves from cursing back at... Continue Reading →

Taking Comfort That God’s Vengeance is Carefully Prepared

Jehovah is purposeful and deliberate about everything he does, including how he carries out his vengeance. When his vengeance is unleashed, he refuses to do it with unprincipled mercy or random wrath. Yet, in the midst of his vengeance Jehovah is also the God of mercy. His perfect nature guarantees that the necessity for vengeance... Continue Reading →

David Jeremiah’s Perspective on Prophecies in Revelation

David Jeremiah of Turning Point discusses with John Hull of 100 Huntley his highlighted views about the prophecies in the book of Revelation in this 13-minute video released on June 18, 2020. He covers the Antichrist, the false prophet, the mark of the beast, Israel, Christ's appearance at the Battle of Armageddon, and the Millennial... Continue Reading →

The Free Will of Angels In the Facebook video above, Christian apologist Frank Turek answers the question that highlights the fact God gave free will to angels before he created humans. Another subject that came up in his answer was the fact that God does not redeem angels--the redemption plan was only for mankind. Although Turek doesn't go into... Continue Reading →

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