Kentucky man miraculously healed of terminal cancer

Roger Teague of Perry County, KY, had battled cancer for years. Then things got worse in 2012 when a tumor caused him to have a stroke. Doctors were able to remove the tumor, but cancer still ravaged his body as he continued his chemotherapy. Finally, one day Teague decided that he'd had enough of the... Continue Reading →

Mystics rising: a Knight Templar speaks openly

It's somewhat of an understatement to say we are living in interesting times. While the mainstream media loves to distract us with their various forms of mind candy, including soft news, propagandist news reports that often leave out the truth behind their stories, and the vast entertainment industry, those who look past these distractions will... Continue Reading →

Turkey’s funding of Hamas foreshadows Bible prophecy

Turkey has now surpassed Iran as the main financial backer of the terrorist group Hamas. Hamas, which was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, is sworn to the destruction of Israel and foments that hatred among Palestinians every chance they get. The fact that Turkey and Iran back such terrorism is just modern proof that God... Continue Reading →

The ‘perception is reality’ myth: experiencing God beyond our senses

"Perception is reality" is one of those phrases or common buzzwords bandied about frequently in our time. It promotes the idea that one should mold one's ideas to how those ideas will be perceived by the individual or group one is trying to reach in order to expand one's influence or popularity. Advertisers, politicians, governments,... Continue Reading →

The day God prophesied about liberals

If you hear the word "liberal" in today's world, it designates someone who is politically and socially progressive in that they believe the government's responsibility is to push social change that bucks tradition for the sake of being compassionate toward the less fortunate or outcast. That is, at least, what they want people to believe... Continue Reading →

Draft of new Egypt constitution shows hope for Christians

The 50-member committee in Egypt formed after Morsi's ouster to work on a new constitution has passed and released a draft version. According to Barnabas Aid, it has some positive signs for Egyptian Christians. Based on what they've seen so far in the draft, Egypt seems willing to do a complete 180º from when the... Continue Reading →

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