Dragon Legends and Blood Vessels in Fossil Bones Destroy Evolution’s Timeline

Below are two of the latest videos from the Institute for Creation Research in Texas. In the videos they discuss how dragons from legends in different cultures around the world most likely refers to real dinosaur species, how humans and dinosaurs coexisted (contrary to assumptions made by evolutionists), soft tissues that are found in an... Continue Reading →

Twisted Technologies Born of Harmful Hubris?

Two science and technology news stories caught my eye this week and were stark reminders to me about the slippery slopes and dark paths that can be forged when scientists and people in authority are evolutionists. The first report is by Dutch Christian journalist Eva Vlaardingerbroek who featured a story on her Substack page warning... Continue Reading →

Transhumanism’s Warped View of Humans and the Human Condition

"Transhumanism is a movement that holds that scientific and technological advances can be used to improve humanity. For example, to increase life-span, to get rid of diseases through gene modification, to implant electronic microchips for security purposes, or to monitor a person’s location, purchases, and movements. Some of this might seem only vaguely relevant to... Continue Reading →

Creationist Scientist Shares 7 Fascinating Cellular, Molecular Human Body Functions of Divine Design

Over this past weekend, the Institute of Creation Research (ICR) hosted a live stream of their seminar entitled, "Darwin Dethroned." The live stream lasted almost 5 hours, but I found the first presenter the most interesting of the three presenters in the video below. Dr. Brian Thomas has a Master of Science in Biotechnology and... Continue Reading →

Studies Confirm What the Bible Said About Alcohol Abuse

Several recent studies done on alcohol abuse have approached the problem from slightly different angles than previous studies. Researchers and their partners have been studying the effects of heavy drinking on the human body at the molecular level and what they've discovered are things the Bible warned about centuries ago. But before I get to... Continue Reading →

Answers in Genesis Partners With End Abortion Now Ministry to Promote Sanctity of Life

At the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY earlier today, Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis gave the 32-minute presentation in the video below as part of a conference in partnership with the ministry End Abortion Now. Ham opens up with a defense of AiG and their Bible-based Christian ministry who are often defamed in secular... Continue Reading →

Christian Concerns About AI and Technology Derived From It (Like Deepfakes)

"Generally, [technology can be] God's good gift, but in a fallen, broken world it also has the possibility to go off the rails," states Scott Rae from the Think Biblically Podcast when he spoke to Christian apologist Sean McDowell today on McDowell's YouTube channel. The aim of their discussion was to look at artificial intelligence... Continue Reading →

Shunning the Monkey Business: Humans and Chimps Don’t Share 99% of the Same DNA

Creation Ministries International released this 30-minute video a few days ago to discuss the latest scientific findings on human and chimpanzee DNA comparisons. Although the evolutionist saying about humans and chimps sharing 99% of our DNA is still en vogue in scientific discussions, it's a false statement. Recent scientific discoveries have proven that assumption to... Continue Reading →

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