Trump supporters Diamond & Silk’s testimony before a House Committee

When anyone is unjustifiably censored, it should concern all of us. First Amendment rights apply to us all, including conservatives. Diamond & Silk hold their own in this House Judiciary Committee meetings this past week and refused to be bullied by the Democrats.

Answers News April 23, 2018

As usual, staff members from Answers in Genesis cover interesting topics. Monday they talked about a gay rights lawyer/environmental activist burning himself to death to protest climate change, Australia's birth certificate gender choices, attempts to turn evangelicals into socialist activists, Asian DNA in indigenous Mexicans, and more.

Reporter’s FOIA request nets government mind control documents

A reporter from recently submitted a Freedom of Information request to the government and ended up getting more than they bargained for. They were interested in tracking what the government was doing about Antifa and white supremacist groups like Neo-Nazis. The government fulfilled that request, but also gave them a treasure trove of information... Continue Reading →

Access to your DNA profile from home kits may not be private

Many people have used the popular DNA home kits and shipped their DNA off to companies like and to find out what ethnic groups or nations are in their bloodline. In recent years, however, some concerns have been raised about whether or not your DNA is kept private and, if not, who has... Continue Reading →

London pastor despises notion only Christians allowed in heaven

Steve Chalke, a man who calls himself a Christian pastor at a church called Oasis in London, has released a series of videos espousing one world religion and universalism. He makes arguments that set up Christian teachings as straw men so he can tear them down. In his haste to tear down true Christian doctrines,... Continue Reading →

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