UN using Wikileaks fiasco to call for Internet control

Brazil's representatives to the UN are leading a call for the corrupt, New World Order body to establish an inter-governmental group to create regulations for the Internet. This past Wednesday, the Brazilian contingent of the UN hosted a meeting calling for standards to control what is shared over the internet in light of the recent... Continue Reading →

Healthcare law still unpopular as judge says it’s unconstitutional

In spite of a campaign of TV commercials featuring Andy Griffith, card-playing senior citizens, and two older ladies at a restaurant discussing the positives of Obama's new healthcare law, a new Rasmussen report shows that the healthcare law continues to be unpopular.  Rasmussen did a telephone poll of voters and the results show that 60%... Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Replacement Theology

Throughout the history of the Christian church, there have been many harmful doctrines introduced into the church. One such harmful doctrine is known as Replacement Theology. It states that believers in Jesus Christ have replaced any physical nation of Israel and its Jews as recipients of all promises and covenants given to ancient Israel. Because... Continue Reading →

A puff, puff, but no pass on Illinois pot bill

Supporters who lobbied fiercely for the enforcement of medical marijuana use in Illinois were disappointed on Tues., November 30, when the Illinois House defeated the bill. The measure needed 60 votes for passage, but only got 53 votes in favor of it and 59 votes against. With permission from a doctor and a license required... Continue Reading →

a justice system worthy of honor

"Judge blocks Oklahoma's ban on using shariah law in court," "Federal judge overturns California same-sex marriage ban," "Judge's ruling resumes U.S. funds for embryonic stem cell research." These are just 3 recent headlines that reveal how certain areas of our justice system are unjust. When I hear such things, it makes me long for a... Continue Reading →

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