NY federal judge rules Apple doesn’t have to unlock drug dealer’s iPhone

Apple just scored a victory over its privacy concerns about unlocking iPhones at the request of government agencies. In a New York federal case today, a judge ruled that Apple was not required to unlock the security access to an Asian drug dealer's iPhone 5c. The judge felt that the argument by the government that... Continue Reading →

Elaborate fabrics, native seeds of David & Solomon era found in Israel

Archaeologists from Tel Aviv University revealed on Wednesday, February 24, that they discovered a large collection of fabrics and intact seeds native to Israel dating back to the times when Kings David and Solomon reigned in ancient Israel. They were discovered in ancient copper mines of Timna that are believed to be King Solomon's mines.... Continue Reading →

It’s “Undeniable”–attacks on religion doubled in US from 2012-2015

First Liberty Institute, formerly the Liberty Institute, recently compiled a study they started in 2012 to take note of cases and incidents where Christians, Jews, and Catholics were targeted for their faith. The study is entitled Undeniable: The Survey of Hostility to Religion in America, 2016 edition, and was spearheaded by a constitutional attorney who... Continue Reading →

How persecution can lead to prophetic praise

The opening of 1 Samuel introduces us to a mighty woman of God named Hannah. Little did she know what an impact her seemingly insignificant life would play in blessing the whole nation of Israel. Early on in the book, we find that she was facing two huge problems--her sterility and persecution from her husband Elkanah's... Continue Reading →

12 Bible passages confirming believers have eternal security in Christ

If it's been said before, it's worth saying again; "everlasting" means it's never lost, it never ends. God doesn't have throwaway kids. Here are 12 scriptures that back up the fact that once we are saved, we never lose our salvation: He keepeth the paths of judgment, and preserveth the way of his saints. Proverbs... Continue Reading →

Steadfast faith of saints in darkest times can serve to uplift unbelievers

Acts 27 can serve as a real life example of what happens when believers remain steadfast in clinging to the leadership of the Holy Spirit along with God's prophetic word. In that chapter, Paul, accompanied by a handful of fellow Christians, was being shipped to Rome as a prisoner by Roman guards on a ship from... Continue Reading →

Can we call data reliable in study claiming Bible more violent than Koran?

Several days ago, certain parties wishing to paint a positive picture of Islam while seeking to diminish Christianity touted a study showing the Bible was much more violent than the Qur'an. Tom Anderson, a software engineer, admitted he did the study because of all the debate on whether violence is a normal part of Muslim teachings. He... Continue Reading →

Could this wireless smart chip lead to a dumb, hackable brain?

"What we have developed is a very versatile smart chip that can process data, analyse patterns and spot the difference. It is about a hundred times more efficient than current processing chips on the market. It will lead to more compact medical wearable devices, such as portable ECG monitoring devices and neural implants, since we no... Continue Reading →

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