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Scarlet harlot: aiding & abetting Antichrist

I discussed the origins and rise to power of the Antichrist in my previous post.  Now I'll add a footnote, of sorts, to focus on who backs him in his lust to rule the one world government.  We find the most details about his supporter in Revelation 17 & 18. Revelation 14:8 gives us the… Continue reading Scarlet harlot: aiding & abetting Antichrist

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Origins & appearance of the Beast (Antichrist)

With the larger number of catastrophes and significant changes than usual going on in the world recently and in the past few years, I recently re-read some prophecies about where the Antichrist will originate from and under what conditions he would arise on the world stage.  Here are some things I discovered and I encourage you to double-check these… Continue reading Origins & appearance of the Beast (Antichrist)

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A pulpit, a pastor, and a hellacious controversy

You've probably heard the story by now about Chad Holtz, the United Methodist pastor who was removed for his views on hell.  Holtz claims after he posted entries on Facebook and personal blog about his doubting a literal hell, the congregants at Marrow's Chapel United Methodist Church in Henderson, N.C. asked him to resign his… Continue reading A pulpit, a pastor, and a hellacious controversy

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Scholar claims God had a wife

A European theologian claims she has discovered from her studies that the God of the Bible had a wife who was mostly edited out of the Bible.  Francesca Stavrakopoulou, who studied at Oxford and is now a lecturer at the University of Exeter, claims she has studied artifacts from the ancient Canaanite city of Ugarit in… Continue reading Scholar claims God had a wife

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German authorities arrest Christian parents

In a story that sounds very similar to what Hitler did as ruler of Germany, German authorities arrested several Christian parents who took their children out of a sex education class. The parents objected to how sex education was being taught to their nine and 10-year-olds. German school leaders have made the sex ed classes… Continue reading German authorities arrest Christian parents

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Mexico’s trucks soon to be on U.S. highways

After years of delay because of trucking disputes between the Mexican and U.S. governments, Reuters has reported that trucks from Mexico will soon be allowed to cross the border without hassles onto U.S. highways.  Dionisio Perez-Jacome, Mexico's Minister of Communications and Transport, announced yesterday "The date we are expecting when a truck can definitely cross ...… Continue reading Mexico’s trucks soon to be on U.S. highways

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Porn, the thorn in the church’s side

Christians are called by God to be a people who speak the truth in love out of concern for others.  Nevertheless, there are certain subjects that make us uncomfortable enough to avoid when we gather as a group.  One such subject is pornography. We avoid bringing it up at Christian meetings and pretend like it doesn't… Continue reading Porn, the thorn in the church’s side