Sometimes setbacks are a sign to up our game

Christians are living in a time when persecution worldwide is being unleashed to try to hinder our progress for the glory of God through the gospel and we're getting it externally (the world and Satan) as well as internally (the church and our flesh). But when we know that we know God wants us to... Continue Reading →

Tripped up in the church: how Balaams and Jezebels influence congregations

When the Lord Jesus sent out his letters to the seven churches in Asia via his apostle John (Revelation 1-3), he gave us an accurate picture of how churches would operate in the last days before his return. Unfortunately, most of it was negative and when I think about his warnings in those church letters,... Continue Reading →

President Obama holds “violent extremism” summit to deny Islam is the problem

A summit has been going on in Washington, DC, this week hosted by the White House called the Summit on Countering Violent Extremism. But its intent appears to be to mask the true nature of Islam (i.e., to wage violent jihad in a geopolitical lust for power masked as religion). The President seems overjoyed to comply with the... Continue Reading →

Control freaks: they want you in bondage, but Jesus made you free

Throughout my life of involvement in various churches, it has never ceased to amaze and amuse me how much some denominational-minded church folks get hung up on legalistic hang-ups. Jesus Christ saved us to make us free, but it seems there are many who won't be satisfied unless they can place us under the bondage of their... Continue Reading →

Does it matter how the Christian music industry is perceived?

Gospel singer Kirk Franklin recently wrote a tribute to the late Andrae Crouch, who died in January. He made note of Crouch's soul-stirring music which crossed all ethnic boundaries and made the secular world take note of his talents despite the fact he sang about Jesus. Then Franklin expressed his disappointment that the Christian music... Continue Reading →

‘The doctor will see kill you now’–Canada’s Supreme Court backs doctor-assisted suicide

Canada's Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that a 1993 law banning doctor-assisted suicide violates the rights of  patients who have severe and/or incurable diseases. The court ruling gives legislators one year to rewrite the law or it will automatically be null and void. Until this ruling, encouraging a patient to commit suicide or aiding or... Continue Reading →

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