Alisa Childers & Lee Strobel Discuss the Supernatural Realm

Alisa Childers' on her podcast from January 9 below hosts Christian apologist Lee Strobel. They discuss near death experiences, the existence of the soul, the supernatural dimension, and the existence of heaven and hell. They discuss real life cases of what people have experienced when they died and came back to life while they also... Continue Reading →

Will Unbelievers Burn in Hell Forever?

Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts ministries tackled questions about hell a couple of months ago in the 13 minute video below. In the video, Batchelor explains how he just couldn't come to grips with the concept of how God could be loving and merciful yet allow for someone who rejects him, such as a 14-year-old... Continue Reading →

Is hell populated now or are people sent there only after Christ’s future judgment?

"I do not believe that hell is populated right now, even though you often hear...television preachers say that not only is hell populated now by unbelievers but there are some pretty sensationalistic claims sometimes made about hell. ... "One of the things you learn about in Peter's epistles is that when an unbeliever dies, he... Continue Reading →

Hebrew Roots fanatic tells southern US churches to keep Moses’ law or end up in hell

Police in McMinn and Monroe counties in Tennessee as well as in Murray County, Georgia, have said they are keeping an eye out for a person or persons who have distributed ominous letters to over 50 churches in the past two weeks that criticize their church messages. As of yet, the police say no crime has... Continue Reading →

A pulpit, a pastor, and a hellacious controversy

You've probably heard the story by now about Chad Holtz, the United Methodist pastor who was removed for his views on hell.  Holtz claims after he posted entries on Facebook and personal blog about his doubting a literal hell, the congregants at Marrow's Chapel United Methodist Church in Henderson, N.C. asked him to resign his... Continue Reading →

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