More churches build a wall of security

The book of Nehemiah is an energetic, attention-grabbing story of how the people of God banded together in the midst of stiff opposition and violent rhetoric from enemies who lived in close proximity to them with some of their enemies being involved in government. As the godly Jews were rebuilding Jerusalem's wall as a testimony... Continue Reading →

Masters of hypocrisy: the secret Jesuit oath

A sample excerpt from the type of oaths Jesuits, including Pope Francis I, take when they are "ordained": "I... promise and declare that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, protestants and liberals, as I am directed to do, "to extirpate and exterminate them from the... Continue Reading →

A whitewashing revamp: Freemasons up the ante for a better reputation

In recent years, Freemasons have gotten a bad rap for being so secretive, suspected of hatching heinous plots behind closed doors. That bad rap, in my opinion, is well-deserved since history has shown they do some shady, underhanded things as they attempt to present themselves as innocent because of the charity work they do. In... Continue Reading →

Ohio court rules teen transgender desire trumps parental rights

An Ohio judge stripped parents of the custody of their teen daughter for refusing to allow their daughter to get hormone treatments to pass herself off as a boy. When the case initially started a year ago, Ohio's family services agency sought custody of the girl after she complained to authorities about her parents. All... Continue Reading →

Whether it’s church discipline or forgiveness, it should be about love

Churches dealing with hard topics and situations has been the norm for the Christian church from the beginning. It's imperative for congregations to strike a balance in love and wisdom regarding how to handle people who threaten to weaken an assembly with their sinful behavior. This is what I learned from Corinth's challenges. In 1... Continue Reading →

University of Central Oklahoma reverses cancellation of Ken Ham’s talk

The University of Central Oklahoma, after initially caving to LGBT pressure to cancel a lecture from Ken Ham, has reversed the cancellation. Ken Ham and Dr. Georgia Purdom from Answers in Genesis will now be allowed to speak at the university on the science and scientific methods of creationists. Furthermore, in the run up to... Continue Reading →

Family’s Bible and faith survive destruction of house fire

Southern hospitality. That's what the Frankovich family of Philadelphia, Tennessee has exhibited over the years with their family barbecue business. They helped people who survived the fires of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and also helped Hurricane Harvey survivors in Texas. But this time tragedy struck their own lives. A malfunctioning furnace sent their house up in flames... Continue Reading →

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