A Firm Grip on the Christian Faith

In this 410th anniversary year of the Authorized Version, or King James Version, of God's word I continue to thank God for the countless lives that have been touched by his ageless, matchless truths. I'm thankful to the Lord that in spite of many people who have tried to persuade me to forsake the Lord,... Continue Reading →

For Men Shall Be … False Accusers

Among the many warnings Paul gives us in 2 Timothy 3 about the last days is the warning about false accusers. We can see how his prophetic words are being fulfilled all around us every day, especially if we pay attention to the news. Any of us can go about minding our own business and... Continue Reading →

Bible Scholar Dismisses Biblical Inerrancy

Is the Bible inerrant? Is it without errors or misstatements in it's moral and spiritual teachings and in its historical facts? Religion professor Geoffrey Smith of the University of Texas at Austin doesn't think so, according to his July 20 opinion piece. Smith points out that those who believe the Bible is without error, like... Continue Reading →

Abra Cadaver: God’s Supernatural Power (Not Magic or Human Works) Counteracts Hopeless Spiritual States

It seems that a lot of news these days regarding God's church tends to be focused on negative trends, whether implied or blatant. We hear news that young people are leaving the faith, church buildings are being abandoned, sold, and repurposed, church buildings being burned or vandalized, etc. It may be assumed that the churches... Continue Reading →

God Works Miracles to Save British Parachutist and Teen Boy Swept in a Flood

A British soldier taking part in a parachuting exercise with the California National Guard last week is fortunate to be alive. As he was descending and deployed his parachute, it failed to fully open, leaving him spiraling quickly downward. He opened his back-up chute, but not in enough time to significantly slow his fall as... Continue Reading →

Called to Persuade People, Being Mindful of the Ultimate Divine Appointment

Confidence with pure, godly motivations. That's what Paul, his companions in the ministry, and other apostles sought to display as they traveled the world preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is what he explained in 2 Corinthians 5:8-11. These are qualities all believers should shoot for. In the midst of their Holy... Continue Reading →

You Know They’re Wrong If They Lie to Make Their Points on Same-Sex “Marriage”

Author/minister Michael Coren of the Anglican Church of Canada wrote an opinion piece for The Globe and Mail on July 7 entitled "Same-sex marriage is, slowly, finding acceptance in churches around the world." However, when you read his article, it seems to be just clickbait. The churches he highlights as accepting the false concept of... Continue Reading →

Two Canadian Government Agencies Caught Discriminating Against Christians

Every summer, the Canadian government offers funding to various organizations through its Canada Summer Jobs program to hire young people. For several years, two Christian organizations successfully applied for and received some of the funds through two federal agencies without any problems. Things changed in 2018. Redeemer University applied to Environment Canada for funding while... Continue Reading →

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