Profanities, vulgarities, and using God’s name in vain

Postmodern culture continues to send mixed signals on the use of cussing and vulgarity, as it does on most issues. The topic continues to be popular as evidenced by a good number of news stories that have popped up this week over foul language. One such story came from the family of NBC Universal where... Continue Reading →

Illumined by darkness: why entertainers claim Christianity

Rapper Kanye West recently appeared on the talk show of Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner and talked at one point on the show about the WWJD bracelet he was wearing, stating "Rob [Kardashian] gave me this, and it's just 'What Would Jesus Do?' and I love it. It's just such a cool bracelet and I'm a Christian... Continue Reading →

Secular hip hop artists are traitors

When I say this, I'm talking only about the ones who use derogatory language to tear people down.  Although I believe racism is inherent in this country because people pass their prejudices down from generation to generation like a cursed family heirloom, hip hop artists who promote the disrespectful thug mentality can be blamed for... Continue Reading →

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