Pew Research: By 2045, Christians May Be Minority in the U.S.

Many are talking on social media this week about Pew Research's estimation that Christianity is trending toward minority status that could happen as soon as 2045 and definitively by 2070. The researchers warn this "may have complex causes and far-reaching consequences for politics, family life and civil society." According to their model projections, Pew believes... Continue Reading →

Biden Redistributes America’s Wealth to Help China and Its Atheist Belief System

The "Liberal New World Order" is on display throughout the Biden administration with the myriad initiatives they're unleashing to weaken America and the Christian values that the U.S. was founded on. The news stories in the videos below are why I call this guy Beijing Biden. Last week Congressional Republicans exposed the fact Biden and... Continue Reading →

Christ’s Reflection in Ecclesiastes is Seen Beyond the Words of Despair

The 30-minute video below was released this morning by the Christ in Prophecy program produced by Lamb & Lion Ministries. Co-hosts Tim Moore and Nathan Jones welcome Robert Morgan who pastors a church in Tennessee. In their discussion they note that although the book of Ecclesiastes reflects some words of discouragement and despair, it ultimately... Continue Reading →

Evangelist Leighton Flowers Explains Why He Rejects Calvinist Doctrines

Good Fight Ministries of Simi Valley, California, released this hour-long video on YouTube today discussing Calvinism. Chad Davidson and Joe Schimmel of that ministry hosted Leighton Flowers, who is Director of Evangelism and Apologetics for the Texas Southern Baptists. In the video, Flowers answers questions by Davidson and Schimmel regarding how Calvinism is affecting today's... Continue Reading →

There’s A Method to Their Madness and the Goal is Global Governance

While some news propagandists who are supporters of the Joe Biden administration have surprisingly criticized his Afghanistan debacle and news commentators who never liked him or his policies have called him incompetent, there's more at play here. Yes, Biden is a hot mess when it comes to his mental faculties, but the decisions and actions... Continue Reading →

The Origin of Suffering: Who’s Really to Blame?

In the video below (livestreamed 8/17/2021), Mike Collins of Creation Ministries International tackles the concept of how suffering came into the world and who is really responsible for it. Hint: it isn't God. He also discusses the idea that suffering attests to the young Earth model, lining up with the Genesis account of creation. After... Continue Reading →

A Case of Creating a False Christ Using Critical Race Theory

In the 44-minute video below, Mike Winger of BibleThinker recently refuted the blasphemous claims about the Lord Jesus that have been spread by Brandan Robertson and Miguel De La Torre. Robertson and De La Torre are clergymen who buy into "Critical Race Theory", a philosophy conjured up by Marxists based on the idea of tearing... Continue Reading →

Dennis Prager in His Fireside Chat Episode 155 Highlights Why Fear of COVID-19 Shouldn’t Dominate Us

Dennis Prager of PragerU offers some interesting opinions in his 30-minute fireside chat released tonight. He discusses why we should not let fear of coronavirus dominate us, agreeing with the President's statements. He also talks about the lack of critical thinking in society today, debunks the assumptions of racism that certain factions wish to stir... Continue Reading →

Another Case of God-Haters Redefining God’s Word

After the U.S. Supreme Court rendered its recent verdict to falsely claim that homosexuality was included in the original sex discrimination protections of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (which was crafted by Republicans), liberals flooded social media to re-write the Bible in the same way that the Court re-wrote history. That seems to be... Continue Reading →

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