A critique of “hate crimes”, “hate speech”, contradictions of “transgenderism”, and more

As we continue to proceed through these endtimes, we can see how critical thinking, scientific truth, Biblical truth, and objective truth are all being pushed aside for the sake of deceptions, feelings, and doing what people think is right in their own eyes. Christian apologist Frank Turek was recently asked to discuss some major topics... Continue Reading →

The key to our spiritual strength

If we are genuinely born again, having repented of our sins and having confessed Jesus is Lord, there's no question that the Lord wants us to be strong spiritually and grow in that strength. That spiritual strength relates not only to us as individuals, but it also relates to us as a corporate body known... Continue Reading →

Iowa legislators craft bill to preserve religious rights

Iowa state lawmakers have advanced their Religious Freedom Restoration bill to protect the rights of people exercising their faith in various forums, including in their business models. The bill was sparked in response to moves around the U.S. that targeted Christian business owners, schools, and city councils to silence expressions or applications of sincerely held... Continue Reading →

Teen boy in Taiwan survives 13-story jump with non-life-threatening injuries

Warning: Some details in this story may be disturbing. A 17-year-old boy named Lu in New Taipei City, Taiwan, is blessed to be alive. His parents say he has a history of depression, for which he had been treated in the past, and academic pressures at school. On Friday evening at 6:00 pm, Lu arrived... Continue Reading →

Stability in tumultuous times requires godly wisdom and knowledge

Tumultuous situations in life can arise due to a number of various factors. They can be the result of bad government policies at the local, regional, or national level. They can also come about by jealous people who lash out against an innocent party just minding their own business. Those are just two examples among... Continue Reading →

Driving out distractions for comprehensive communion with God

In Genesis 15, we see how several years after Abram entered into a relationship with the Lord, Jehovah reassured Abram that all of the promises he mentioned in years past would indeed come to fruition. Despite the fact Abram was now a seasoned believer, he asked God for some evidence of the prophetic promises in... Continue Reading →

Bible literacy electives for public schools gains momentum

While some public school officials in certain areas of the U.S. are determined to push Islam on public school kids as part of a required curriculum, there are legislators and school officials who see the benefits of offering elective courses discussing the Bible as part of non-compulsory classes. With the help of attorneys, they have... Continue Reading →

Media propaganda touts benefits of human microchipping

mark: A spot, area, or feature on a person's or animal's body by which they may be identified or recognized. (Oxford English Dictionary) A symbol, name, or other identifier... (Freedictionary.com) Last week, PBS News Hour featured the story in the video below exploring the benefits of microchipping humans. In one segment of the report, they even feature an emotional story... Continue Reading →

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