Oklahoma legislature sends abortion pill reversal bill to governor

After Oklahoma's Senate overwhelmingly passed their abortion pill reversal bill six weeks ago, it moved on to be considered in Oklahoma's House where this week a large majority approved the bill. The bill has now been sent to Kevin Stitt, Oklahoma's Republican governor, who is expected to sign it into law. The bill calls on... Continue Reading →


Virginia Governor Northam’s radical abortion agenda suffers another blow

Republican state lawmakers in Virginia's House defeated a budget bill on Wednesday that was backed by controversial Democrat Governor Ralph Northam that sought to provides unfettered government funds for abortions in the state. While the March for Life was going on at Virginia's state Capitol, the lawmakers were voting down the governor's measures. The March... Continue Reading →

Judge’s injunction vs. abortions & sex changes backs Bible’s view of government

Attorneys General in several states are breathing a sigh of relief after a federal judge in Texas used a preliminary injunction to put a stop to the Obama administration's attempts at using federal funds to force doctors and healthcare providers to perform abortions and sex change operations via Obamacare regulations. The Obama administration tried to... Continue Reading →

Questioning the salvation of “Christians” favoring abortion, assisted suicide, and euthanasia

A couple of weeks ago, as many believers who try to stay informed know, LifeWay Research released the results of a study they did on physician assisted suicide. What they found out was very disturbing to me. A substantial number of Christians felt physician assisted suicide was an acceptable practice for ending one's life. When... Continue Reading →

Rebuking and casting down statements favoring abortion

Is abortion really as complicated as pro-abortionists claim it is? Creationists Richard Fangrad and Calvin Smith examine and refute arguments that pro-abortionists use to promote killing unborn humans in the video below, which was released today. In the YouTube video, they highlight how the abortion issue should really be measured against these two questions: Is... Continue Reading →

Secular humanist abortion activist doesn’t care if science proves unborn are human

Terry O'Neill, secular humanist president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), stated in a recent interview that she doesn't care about scientific proof that an unborn person is human from the moment of conception. Her only concern is that women and girls have unfettered access to abortion if they want it as "basic reproductive... Continue Reading →

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