Christians in Europe Continue to Fight Court Battles For Expressing Biblical Views

Päivi Räsänen, a female member of Finland's parliament, began her court battle this week after she was slapped with three criminal charges for expressing her opinions against homosexuality. Räsänen denies that she was inciting violence against anyone, but was just sharing her Biblical views as part of religious discussions for churchgoers. One of the charges... Continue Reading →

Technology’s Role in the Fulfillment of End Times Prophecy

Nathan Jones of Lamb & Lion Ministries is featured in the two videos below that were released this week. The first video below was released January 16 and is about 30 minutes. In that video, Jones discusses some of the negative things that have come about by mankind's abuse of technology and how it may... Continue Reading →

Alisa Childers & Lee Strobel Discuss the Supernatural Realm

Alisa Childers' on her podcast from January 9 below hosts Christian apologist Lee Strobel. They discuss near death experiences, the existence of the soul, the supernatural dimension, and the existence of heaven and hell. They discuss real life cases of what people have experienced when they died and came back to life while they also... Continue Reading →

57-Year-Old Man Gets Heart Transplanted From Genetically-Modified Pig

According to his doctors, 57-year-old David Bennett's heart situation was so bad they had no choice but to try giving him the heart of a genetically-modified pig to prolong his life. He was allegedly "too sick to qualify for a human heart transplant or a mechanical assist device," said his medical team. The pig was... Continue Reading →

COVID Vaccine Injuries Continue to Rise As Supreme Court Justices Share Misinformation

Given my religious and moral objections to putting anything in my body that doesn't declare openly all of its ingredients (yes, I'm an avid label reader), that alters the human genome, or that was created using parts of aborted babies, I can never take any COVID vaccine. I also don't put stuff in my body... Continue Reading →

Chinese Communist Party Bans Religious Interactions Online

In preparation for its Communist Party congress this fall, the 95-million-member Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has ordered that all religious interactions via the internet be halted starting March 1. The atheist-run authoritarian political party ruling the approximately 1.44 billion people in China is requiring a government-issued license for anyone who wishes to "disseminate religious information... Continue Reading →

Updated Edition of the NRSV (NRSVue) Continues Evil Tradition of Twisting God’s Word

According to "Bible scholars" promoting the recently released New Revised Standard Version-Update Edition (NRSVue), there was a need to make 20,000 changes to the Bible. Religious scholar and writer Hal Taussig claims the effort was implemented to bring "new meanings to biblical texts" to allow "overall textual meanings to spin out in many directions and... Continue Reading →

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