57-Year-Old Man Gets Heart Transplanted From Genetically-Modified Pig

According to his doctors, 57-year-old David Bennett’s heart situation was so bad they had no choice but to try giving him the heart of a genetically-modified pig to prolong his life. He was allegedly “too sick to qualify for a human heart transplant or a mechanical assist device,” said his medical team. The pig was altered by the Virginia company, Revivicor, a biotechnology firm derived from the company in the UK that gave the world the clone Dolly the sheep. Revivicor is owned by Martine Rothblatt, an avowed transhumanist, atheist, evolutionist who is a biological male now pretending to be a woman.

I am personally all for advances in medicine to extend life as long as it’s done in an ethical manner that doesn’t violate God’s order of things. However, given the players involved directly or indirectly in this procedure, I would question the ultimate intent of such a procedure and the underlying ethics. New York University (NYU) medical ethicist Arthur Caplan says he has “apprehension” about it since it isn’t really known how safe it is to use an animal’s heart in humans. His apprehension also takes into account that the biotechnologists altered 10 specific genes that they presumed would make the pig heart more compatible with the human body.

The mainstream media, of course, is hailing this as a celebratory scientific breakthrough while the parties involved claim there were absolutely zero options left to save Bennett. Given Bennett’s right to doctor-patient privacy, there is much that we won’t be told in the media or from his doctors. However, from what I’ve read, great advances have been made using adult human stem cells injected into the heart to save even the most severe heart problems. Did they consider or try that procedure? I remain skeptical about any moves toward pushing humans or animals into accepting human-animal hybrids, as I’ve expressed in the past. The two videos below give a little more information about this situation from the University of Maryland School of Medicine who did the operation and an NYU medical expert interviewed by NBC News. See what you think.

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  1. I’m with you brother, supporting medical advances but skeptical about this crossover of animals to man. The bigger issue is, that with the prevalent rejection of God, comes a deep fear of death and the quest to live no matter what.
    While this is ‘medical advancement’ it is also a measure of our spiritual heart.

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