When Unbelievers Pretend to be Godly Just to Pull You Down or Take You Out

Several weeks ago, Aaron Edwards was teaching theology at Cliff College, a Methodist Bible college in Derbyshire, England, when he felt moved to express his Christian, Bible-based concerns on how the promotion of homosexuality was infiltrating the church. "Evangelicals no longer see the severity of this [because] they're busy apologizing for their apparently barbaric homophobia,... Continue Reading →

Progressive Increases of Godly Knowledge Often Attract Ignorant Resistance

The angel who prophesied to Daniel from Daniel 10-12 revealed an interesting principle in Daniel 12:4 that specifically applied to the prophecy he shared at that moment, but may also apply to other Bible prophecy or scriptural truths. He said: But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the... Continue Reading →

Australian Minister of Parliament Exposes Hillsong’s Love of Money

More scandals continue to unfold from Hillsong Church headquartered in Australia. A few days ago an independent Minister of Parliament, Andrew Wilkie, shared information he received from a whistleblower in the church highlighting questionable, possibly illegal, money dealings among church board members and other leaders. Some of it even involved Joyce Meyer and T. D.... Continue Reading →

The Right Road to Rewards

When the Lord Jesus Christ sent out his letters to the churches in Revelation, only two of the seven churches did everything right--Smyrna and Philadelphia. Those two churches are shining examples of the traits Christian congregations and individual Christian lives should exhibit. With respect to Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7-13), the Lord pointed out the following three... Continue Reading →

I’m Eternally Yours, Lord: Hebrews 6, 10 & 2 Peter 2 Aren’t About Christians Losing Salvation

Whether they label themselves Methodist, Pentecostal, Church of Christ, Assemblies of God, COGIC, or something else, it disturbs me that so many who call themselves Christians believe in the false doctrine that Christians can lose their salvation. They continue to totally ignore the scriptures that undeniably call our salvation eternal life or everlasting life as... Continue Reading →

Dragon Legends and Blood Vessels in Fossil Bones Destroy Evolution’s Timeline

Below are two of the latest videos from the Institute for Creation Research in Texas. In the videos they discuss how dragons from legends in different cultures around the world most likely refers to real dinosaur species, how humans and dinosaurs coexisted (contrary to assumptions made by evolutionists), soft tissues that are found in an... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Calgary Pastor Arrested for Protesting Sexualization of Kids at Drag Queen Story Hour

No good deed goes unpunished. A centuries-old cliché that continues to hold true in sectors of our postmodern society slowly trudging through the evil last days predicted by Christ, his prophets, and apostles. Derek Reimer is one of the latest evangelical pastors in Canada under the tyrannical Trudeau regime who has unfortunately experienced the truth... Continue Reading →

Twisted Technologies Born of Harmful Hubris?

Two science and technology news stories caught my eye this week and were stark reminders to me about the slippery slopes and dark paths that can be forged when scientists and people in authority are evolutionists. The first report is by Dutch Christian journalist Eva Vlaardingerbroek who featured a story on her Substack page warning... Continue Reading →

A Closer Look At the “Asbury Revival” Reveals a Gay Agenda is Afoot

Before YouTube censors his video to make it disappear, you should probably take a look at Caleb Corneloup's 17-minute video below. Caleb is an evangelical out of Australia who runs the "iThink Biblically" YouTube channel. In his video that he released yesterday, Caleb takes a closer look at who is involved in the so-called "Asbury... Continue Reading →

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