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RINOs push over-spending bill Obama would love with no border security

Rand Paul: "When they [Republicans] get in the majority, there is no conservative party." From mark 1:31 to 8:37 in this video, Laura Ingraham rightfully slams betrayal of American people in the new overspending bill.

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What’s taking him so long?

When I see so much evil going on in the world and that evil becoming more shocking over time, I occasionally get so disgusted and fed up with this wicked world that I'm ready for the Lord to rapture me right on out of here. I admit I've asked God on several occasions what was… Continue reading What’s taking him so long?

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Christian woman in Kazakhstan acquitted in court…of downloading the Bible?

Downloading the Bible onto a smartphone is a very popular thing to do and most of us have probably done it a time or two. Even some unbelievers have done it. But in Kazakhstan, an evangelical woman recently endured a trial for doing that very thing. Can you imagine? Back in January, Dilobarkhon Sultanova showed a… Continue reading Christian woman in Kazakhstan acquitted in court…of downloading the Bible?

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An incorruptible simple life of obedience

Pressure to compromise is something that goes with the territory of living this life. Some compromises are okay, while others need to be resisted if they harm the moral and/or spiritual well-being of one's personal life, family, or community. God bless those who stand firm against corrupt compromises, especially within the church and especially in… Continue reading An incorruptible simple life of obedience

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Your reputation precedes you

Rome. In 60 AD, the approximate year Paul wrote his letter to the Roman believers, the city was the world's seat of power known for its debauchery, pagan rituals, political intrigue with Nero at the helm, and all kinds of corruption. Yet in the midst of all that darkness, here's what Paul said about the… Continue reading Your reputation precedes you

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A glimpse of eternity

In this 30-minute video, Andy Woods, pastor of Sugar Land Bible Church in Texas, discusses what we have to look forward to after Christ's return when he establishes his eternal kingdom on the New Earth to come. His talk was given at a Bible conference for Lamb & Lion Ministries, hosted by David Reagan. I… Continue reading A glimpse of eternity

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700 Club Interactive news for March 12, 2018

Terry Meeuwsen and Gordon Robertson discuss news on a young couple who adopted 10 kids so they wouldn't be separated, Washington state monetizing surrogate motherhood, a new teen trend of vaping e-cigs in school without being noticed by adults, a young man who gets a miracle when people prayed for him after he collapsed and… Continue reading 700 Club Interactive news for March 12, 2018



Some excellent words from Eliza from holdingforthhisword blog. Loyalty to Christ is everything.


Without loyalty no human enterprise can survive. We’ve been witnesses to the damage disloyalty can do to a nation.  We’ve seen the very fabric of our Constitutional Republic attacked by disloyal government officials who transferred their loyalty from the people to persons.  As children of God we have to continuously examine ourselves to see where our loyalties lie.  Are we loyal to the Savior or are we loyal to a religious enterprise?  Jesus Christ proved to all mankind His demand, His command is loyalty to God, nothing else will be acceptable to Him.

Jesus Christ constantly confronted the disloyalty of the religious hypocrites during His glorious walk upon this earth so many centuries ago.  He confronted both layman and leader alike proving their loyalties did not lie with God our Heavenly Father.  He proved their disloyalty through their rejection of Him, and their disbelief in God’s Holy Word the Holy…

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Does what we view affect how we behave?

That's the question President Trump has stirred up today with his meeting on video games and whether or not they play a part in mass shootings, like the one in Parkland, Florida. Apparently, among all of the other troubles shooter Nikolas Cruz had such as family problems, mental problems, and psychotropic prescription meds, he also… Continue reading Does what we view affect how we behave?