Christian ministries prepare to help Hurricane Michael survivors

I must admit I feel encouraged when I see Christian compassion and love still alive and well and active in the United States. The fact that Christian missionaries in America continue the godly tradition of helping the less fortunate around the world as well as the less fortunate at home is, I believe, one reason... Continue Reading →


UK’s highest court backs Christian bakers

It was a long, hard, four-year battle in Ireland by Daniel McArthur and his family, who own Ashers Baking Co. But an appeal to the UK Supreme Court and many prayers worldwide have secured a victory for them after gay activists sued them for discrimination when they refused to make a cake supporting gay marriage.... Continue Reading →

Jehovah’s pearl of great price

Increasingly the world is becoming a place where things that have lasting intrinsic value are diminished and dismissed as worthless or taken for granted, especially human life or the things that enhance the value of human life. I suspect that's why the popularity of socialism, abortion, euthanasia, cursing, drugs and other negative influences tend to... Continue Reading →

Behold the benefits when Christ reigns in righteousness

In Isaiah 32:1-2, the great prophet of old lays out what he foresaw regarding what the Messiah would bring for his people in his relationship with them. He stated, Behold, a king shall reign in righteousness, and princes shall rule in judgment. And a man shall be as an hiding place from the wind, and... Continue Reading →

Window washer miraculously survives 8-story fall

A window washer in Portland, Oregon, who wishes to remain anonymous, is blessed to be alive. On Wednesday, as he was atop an eight-story office building (image above) preparing to descend to clean windows, his equipment failed and he plunged from the roof to the sidewalk below. Conscious the whole time during the fall, the... Continue Reading →

Is the United States really found in Bible prophecy? Part 1

David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries shares his teaching on whether or not the United States is really found in the end times prophecies of the Bible. He highlights some of the past interpretations of Bible prophecy that were mistakenly attributed to the U.S. before laying out the possibilities regarding if and where America... Continue Reading →

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