Charles Darwin’s Contribution to Genocidal Hatred

Calvin Smith of Answers in Genesis Canada presents this 12-minute discussion on how Darwin's theory of evolution contributed to holocaust-level genocides. Charles Darwin, fueled by his hatred of God, the Bible, and Christianity, passed off his personal hatred of other ethnicities and skin colors as science in his theory of evolution. His theory became popular... Continue Reading →

Leftist Leader of Interfaith Alliance Sees Christianity as a Threat to America

Founded in 1994, the Interfaith Alliance was started when leaders of various religious backgrounds embracing Marxist ideologies were concerned about conservative Christians having too much influence in America's politics. They considered the religious right a threat to "diversity" in America. This week the Alliance named Paul Raushenbush as their new president and CEO, effective in... Continue Reading →

Graduate Files Lawsuit Against University In Illinois After Being Targeted For Christian Beliefs

During her final semester which ended in May, graduate student Maggie DeJong became the target of liberal officials and classmates at her school for not complying with their leftist worldview. Now that she has graduated and is seeking employment, she has filed a lawsuit against the school for the hardship they put her through. DeJong,... Continue Reading →

Christian Parents Sue School District Re: Lessons Praising BLM, “White Fragility”

After months of trying to reason with school officials in the East Penn School District about a curriculum being taught to their kids, Maureen and Christopher Brophy felt they had no recourse left except to sue the school district in federal court this week. The trouble started when their kids objected to being taught lessons... Continue Reading →

He Certainly Doesn’t Seem Racist or Sexist To Me

The lying mainstream media keeps claiming Donald Trump refuses to disavow racism and is, therefore, racist. And they often throw in cries of sexism against him as an added bonus. But history has proven them wrong. The race card and/or sexism card that liberals and the extreme left love to play during election years is... Continue Reading →

Dennis Prager in His Fireside Chat Episode 155 Highlights Why Fear of COVID-19 Shouldn’t Dominate Us

Dennis Prager of PragerU offers some interesting opinions in his 30-minute fireside chat released tonight. He discusses why we should not let fear of coronavirus dominate us, agreeing with the President's statements. He also talks about the lack of critical thinking in society today, debunks the assumptions of racism that certain factions wish to stir... Continue Reading →

Oregon Senator implies federal cannabis laws are racist

Leave it to Democrats to play the race card on almost every cause they take up. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) has just joined Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) today in an attempt to legalize marijuana at the federal level. The Marijuana Justice Act seeks to get marijuana off the federal list of controlled substances as well... Continue Reading →

Black man is arrested for “Vote Trump” Mississippi church arson

A Mississippi church that was burned at the beginning of November and vandalized with the words "Vote Trump" set off a firestorm in the liberal media about how racist Trump supporters were and investigators suspected it was a hate crime, even though residents who live nearby were skeptical and were convinced it was probably a... Continue Reading →

Why you wouldn’t want to be a Jim Jones liberal

The late murderous cult leader Jim Jones was very methodical and somewhat effective in how he operated his Peoples Temple. So effective that he talked most of his followers into committing suicide-by-poisoned-Kool-Aid in the jungle of Guyana in South America after ordering the murders of a group from the US who visited his camp to... Continue Reading →

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