Oregon Senator implies federal cannabis laws are racist

Leave it to Democrats to play the race card on almost every cause they take up. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) has just joined Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) today in an attempt to legalize marijuana at the federal level. The Marijuana Justice Act seeks to get marijuana off the federal list of controlled substances as well... Continue Reading →

Black man is arrested for “Vote Trump” Mississippi church arson

A Mississippi church that was burned at the beginning of November and vandalized with the words "Vote Trump" set off a firestorm in the liberal media about how racist Trump supporters were and investigators suspected it was a hate crime, even though residents who live nearby were skeptical and were convinced it was probably a... Continue Reading →

Why you wouldn’t want to be a Jim Jones liberal

The late murderous cult leader Jim Jones was very methodical and somewhat effective in how he operated his Peoples Temple. So effective that he talked most of his followers into committing suicide-by-poisoned-Kool-Aid in the jungle of Guyana in South America after ordering the murders of a group from the US who visited his camp to... Continue Reading →

Some ‘Christians’ can’t get past ‘curse of Ham’ falsehood

For centuries, there were those in Christian churches who taught that all people descending from Africa were under the 'curse of Ham' based on Genesis 9:25. Eventually, with the Civil Rights movement the truth about that scripture came to the forefront when theologians actually paid attention to the fact that Canaan, Ham's son, was the... Continue Reading →

Gay ‘marriage’ weakness? It can never be as good as the original

Gay rights activists love to make the argument that discriminating against them is like discriminating against skin color and they attempt to equate their movement to the Civil Rights Movement. However, this argument isn't valid. Neither are their arguments for gay 'marriage', which really isn't marriage at all, but a cheapened imitation and mockery of... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Darwin: a look at his views on race, religion

Was Charles Darwin a racist? Was he a white supremacist? Did he promote slavery? Was he a God-hater? These are some of the questions that have swirled around the mention of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution for years. Search the internet and you will find arguments that he was or wasn't for all of these questions.... Continue Reading →

Eugenics, Margaret Sanger, “Progressives”, & the culture of death

In spite of the fact that it's scientific fact the pre-born are living humans, in spite of the fact that a majority of Americans are now pro-life, in spite of the fact that killing the pre-born is murder, "progressives" like those running Planned Parenthood and Democratic legislators are still pushing for abortion on demand. They... Continue Reading →

Some legal history in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

In the 1940s, a group of Hispanic-American parents led by Gonzalo Mendez filed a lawsuit on behalf of their children who were attending grade school in California's Orange County.  The children were being segregated into separate facilities and being taught a different curriculum, both of which were inferior to what the white children were experiencing.  The... Continue Reading →

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