Employee who refused employer’s “Mark of the Beast” hand scan microchip is awarded $150,000

A coal mine employee, with the help of the EEOC, won a lawsuit argued before a West Virginia court over his company's attempt to force him into implanting a microchip in his hand. Beverly Butcher, Jr. is an evangelical who was working for an energy company that decided it would be best for them to... Continue Reading →

Una Cuba libre? Not quite. Cuba increases limits on religion

The mainstream media since December 2014 has been singing the praises of the thawing of U.S.-Cuba relations, claiming it's some grand new chapter with much promise for the isolated Communist island nation and for economic interests of both countries. Since Pope Francis took office in 2013, he had been working secretly with Vatican diplomats and... Continue Reading →

Everything God made is capable of praising him in its own voice

As anyone who has read my blog knows, I just love to point out how science verifies what is recorded in God's word. This shouldn't surprise us if we're believers since God is the one who created all things and, therefore, established scientific laws that govern heaven and earth. Speaking of heaven and earth, did... Continue Reading →

World Bank finances human rights violators in Ethiopia

I have shared before how the World Bank financed land grabbers in Honduras for the sake of acquiring a stake in the multi-billion dollar palm oil industry, causing the deaths of over a hundred innocent people and indirectly contributing to the United States border crisis. Now it has come to light that they are doing... Continue Reading →

Rage is all the rage, but it’s best to take God’s chill pill

Unjustified anger and short fuses that churn up resentment and bitterness seem to be all the rage today no matter where in the world you turn. Just about every day we hear stories about how they play out in society--whether it's road rage incidents, domestic violence, or people taking others' lives over the slightest slight.... Continue Reading →

Lesbian mayor of Houston loses another legal round vs. pastors

Annise Parker, mayor of Houston, was handed another legal defeat in court on Tuesday. After being shamed for demanding that pastors submit their sermons to her when a petition was submitted to fight special LGBT rights regarding bathroom use, the mayor backed off and apparently re-grouped to try a different approach. Her new approach was... Continue Reading →

Looking for a healthy diet? Examine the foods in the Bible

Physicians are an important asset to any society. The Bible even testifies to this truth about life (Jeremiah 8:22; Luke 5:31; Colossians 4:14) and it's important for us to consult our doctors for regular exams to make sure we're healthy. But doctors were never meant to do everything for us. We have the responsibility to... Continue Reading →

December Newsweek article attacking Bible reveals MSM’s poor journalism

Lita Cosner of Creation Ministries International has written a detailed article as a rebuttal to an article by Kurt Eichenwald that appears in a recent issue of Newsweek. Eichenwald takes great liberties in attacking the Bible, God, and Christians (what else is new?), spreading many of the same repetitive, unsubstantiated arguments many of us have... Continue Reading →

U.S. Supreme Court scheduled to hear case about church signs in Arizona town

Gilbert, Arizona, town officials passed a lawn sign ordinance that a church found objectionable and discriminatory. Politicians running for office can have a sign 8 ft. wide x 4 ft. high for several months. Signs that express a general non-religious opinion are allowed to be 5 ft. wide x 4 ft. high without any limitations... Continue Reading →

EEOC rules in favor of teacher fired for giving student a Bible

A New Jersey substitute teacher won his EEOC case against a school district that fired him last January, months after he handed his Bible to a student. The incident started in October 2013 when Walt Tutka was leading a line of students and quoted Jesus' statement about the last being first to the student who... Continue Reading →

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