All organized religion is not evil, but evil religions can be organized

Two popular sayings are being bandied about concerning religion these days that are quoted so often, people don't take the time to really examine if they're true or not. The first saying is, "Religion, or organized religion, is evil." And this saying is usually followed closely by the statement that all religion does is cause... Continue Reading →

Barack Obama’s affinity to the Muslim world

During Barack Obama's presidency, it has been interesting to watch his love/hate relationship toward Israel and how he has been apologetic and has shown deference to the Islamic world in many instances. Even in the recent uproar and murders of Americans in North Africa, his administration initially blamed everything on the film critical of the... Continue Reading →

Intolerant activists bully schools into banning father-daughter dances

Gay rights activists often ask their detractors, "How are our rights going to hurt you? We're not trying to hurt anybody!" But given recent lawsuits about suing bed & breakfasts over not holding same sex ceremonies and other actions highlighting their intolerance, we know they're lying. This incident shows how far they're willing to go,... Continue Reading →

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani released from Iranian prison

The prayers of the righteous all over the globe have availed much. In a surprising turn of events, an Iranian court has ordered the release of pastor Youcef Nadarkhani from an Iranian prison. According to BosNewsLife, an Iranian court acquitted him of apostasy for abandoning Islam since he was never Muslim. They did find him... Continue Reading →

God’s preservation of nations

Throughout scripture, God shows concern over how nations are ruled, what laws they uphold, and how both the citizens of nations and their rulers conduct themselves. This is why our interaction with our neighbors and government as Christians should not be taken lightly. God wants us to be concerned about their character and conduct after... Continue Reading →

Christian love: why some hate to love & love to hate

The accepted thinking on genuine love today is that you should overlook others' wrongdoings by not mentioning them and other people should overlook yours or that you should accept others in spite of how immoral they may be and others should accept you no matter how immoral you are. But like so many other beliefs... Continue Reading →

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