A Church That Was Serious About the Savior

The Southern Baptist Convention will be meeting this week in Birmingham, Alabama. Sexual abuse by clergy within the denomination will be the main topic after a study months ago revealed that rampant sexual abuse had taken place and was covered up by church and denomination leaders. Overall, the main cause for this happening is the... Continue Reading →


Study finds Christians are good at growing relationships, but not discipleship

In January of this year, Lifeway Research conducted an online study of 2,500 Protestant churchgoers. The nature of the questions dealt with the frequency of attendance at religious services (regular Sunday worship, Sunday School, small groups, Bible study, etc.) and how those gatherings were used to build relationships with other people in congregations. The results... Continue Reading →

Controversial “Christian” author/blogger dies untimely death

37-year-old Rachel Held Evans, who became both famous and infamous in Christian circles, died earlier today due to flu complications that spiraled out of control when she had an allergic reaction to antibiotics in April. I hope she truly confessed Jesus as her Lord before her unexpected death. Rachel Held Evans' claim to fame was... Continue Reading →

Three sexually abused siblings win $1.3 million settlement against Church of Scotland

In 2013, a former child care worker for a Church of Scotland children's home, Ian Samson, was sentenced to 14 years in prison for sexually abusing children from the 1970s to the 1990s in the various jobs he held. After his horrific abuse of children was brought to light, three siblings who stayed in the... Continue Reading →

North Carolina Methodist church hosts drag queen show

A Methodist church in Durham, NC, hosted a drag queen show this past Saturday to protest the United Methodist Church denomination's continued official rejection of homosexual clergy and same-sex "marriage." Calvary United Methodist Church called the event "Drag Me To Church" and claimed the turnout for the event was large. Pastor Chris Agoranos said the... Continue Reading →

More churches implement background checks for church workers

"On average, we add 160 customers a month," says Jennie Morris of LifeWay, the Christian research and Christian resources company. Those 160 customers a month are churches who approach LifeWay asking them to do background checks in partnership with backgroundchecks.com for individuals who wish to work for or volunteer for their ministries. Just last year... Continue Reading →

Brawling teen mob at Tulsa church prompts increased security

This past Saturday night, Rhema Bible Church (started by Kenneth Hagin) near Tulsa, Oklahoma, was anticipating the community visiting their massive Christmas lights display to have a family-friendly good time. Employees had worked hard for three months getting it ready. Then the totally unexpected happened. A mob of teenagers numbering anywhere from 50 to 100... Continue Reading →

Majority of US pastors see increased giving

The boost in the economy is having a ripple effect on giving to churches, according to LifeWay Research who just released results on a survey of 1,000 Protestant pastors they conducted between August 29 and September 11. Executive director of LifeWay, Scott McConnell, says the full results for financial gifts to church as a result... Continue Reading →

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