Jehovah’s pearl of great price

Increasingly the world is becoming a place where things that have lasting intrinsic value are diminished and dismissed as worthless or taken for granted, especially human life or the things that enhance the value of human life. I suspect that's why the popularity of socialism, abortion, euthanasia, cursing, drugs and other negative influences tend to... Continue Reading →


Two women arrested for selling marijuana edibles at Savannah, Georgia, church

Two women are facing felony charges after they sold various illegal marijuana edibles at a local church in Savannah, Georgia. The church was hosting a special event organized by an outside vendor not tied to the church. They were trying to contribute to the local community to showcase and support legitimate local businesses by allowing... Continue Reading →

Heeding God’s counsel precedes deliverance & progress

Many times when churches wish to accomplish something or be delivered from the persecution or oppression from an outside enemy, God supplies the means within the congregation to reach our goals. At other times, we may need outside help. We see examples of getting outside help several times in scripture through situations Israel faced. For... Continue Reading →

Standing for God in a deeply corrupt society

Auburn, Indiana-- A small church is drawing the ire of some people in their community for displaying a sign telling homosexuals to repent. The sign says, "LGBTQ is a hate crime against God, repent." The Remnant Fellowship Church (RFC) began in April with the determination to "stand apart from the last days apostate church and... Continue Reading →

More churches build a wall of security

The book of Nehemiah is an energetic, attention-grabbing story of how the people of God banded together in the midst of stiff opposition and violent rhetoric from enemies who lived in close proximity to them with some of their enemies being involved in government. As the godly Jews were rebuilding Jerusalem's wall as a testimony... Continue Reading →

Moving from compromise to repentance and restoration

It's such a blessing to me when I see people who call themselves Christians actually live it out despite their flaws. I also feel disappointed and somewhat amused when I see those who claim to be Christian (mostly in liberal congregations) who criticize the Jews for not living up to what God chose them to... Continue Reading →

Against all odds, Israel prospers

Israel is on a lot of people's hate lists these days. Nevertheless, despite the rise in anti-Israel/anti-Jewish incidents, despite the liberal/socialist agenda of the BDS movement against Israel, despite the anti-Israel globalist agenda, despite internal wars within the Israeli government, Israel continues to prosper. In the face of all odds against them, the Israeli economy... Continue Reading →

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