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Neither repented they of their sorceries

Just as Revelation 9:21 predicts that witchcraft and occultic practices (sorceries) would be popular during the Great Tribulation, a recent study has shown that millennials are increasingly embracing the dark arts as we approach the last of the last days. According to journalist Kari Paul's recent MarketWatch article, she explores "Why millennials are ditching religion… Continue reading Neither repented they of their sorceries

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It’s okay to have doubts as long as we look to God for validation

John the Baptist was a great man of God who knew he had a great calling and anointing on his life from the Lord. He was also very confident in his ministry and was rather blunt when he preached in the wilderness. When he was asked about whether or not he was Christ and who… Continue reading It’s okay to have doubts as long as we look to God for validation

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The marks of false prophets

2 Peter 2:1 warns us that just as there were false prophets in Israel, there would be false teachers in the church in the last days. 2 Thessalonians 2:3 also warns us of a great falling away within the church as the time of Antichrist nears. Ancient Israel experienced a great falling away period right… Continue reading The marks of false prophets

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How Christians are called to walk in light

'Alistair Begg reminds us that every Christian must engage the culture without accommodating the darkness present because of unbelief. The transforming light of the Gospel shines when Christians live as those who have been transformed by the grace of God with minds saturated by the Word of God.'


Riding Out The Storm ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

I’m riding out this storm,
going with the flow
no matter how long
the winds decide to blow.

I’m hanging on,
not getting blown away
on Jesus I’ll keep my grip
till I see the light of day.

I’m riding out this storm,
going to give it my all
if I start to get anxious
on my Savior I will call.

I’m clinging on,
to the Anchor of my hope
I’m counting on Jesus
to give me the grace to cope.

I’m riding out this storm,
I’ve got all the right gear
for, I have my Bible . . .
so what is there to fear!


Psalm 107:29

“He maketh the storm
a calm,
so that the waves thereof
are still.”

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2017
Deborah Ann Belka

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A time of honoring fools

One of many negative marks of the times we're living in is that many in society bend over backwards to place fools on pedestals to give them honor they really don't deserve. We as Christians are told several times to avoid commending fools and to avoid having them in our company on a regular basis.… Continue reading A time of honoring fools

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Faithful ambassadors

When our Heavenly Father draws us to himself to be saved, among the many things that come with that relationship is the fact he employs us as his ambassadors, authorized representatives and/or messengers for his kingdom. It is truly an honor to hold that distinction for the King above all kings. As his representatives, we… Continue reading Faithful ambassadors

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Lamb & Lion Ministries explains the Rapture and Millennial Kingdom

Lamb & Lion Ministries, producers of Christian TV program "Christ in Prophecy," released a 30-minute video several days ago of a conference they hosted about the rapture and millennial kingdom. Bible teachers Tommy Ice and Don Perkins are the presenters who point out how these doctrines are part of the blessed hope for Christians.

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It’s frustrating to see the wicked prosper

I'll be honest. It's exasperating to see how often evil people get away with all their wicked schemes, especially when they become prosperous because of it, in the world or church. I've often wondered why God is quick to call my faults to my attention and put up hurdles or walls for me until I… Continue reading It’s frustrating to see the wicked prosper