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He draws us out of many waters

This past Friday, two women in South Haven, Michigan, came close to losing their lives unexpectedly on that town's south pier at Lake Michigan. As they walked along the pier, a flood of waves rushed in and pushed them off the side into the choppy waters. Fortunately, there were bystanders nearby who rushed onto the pier… Continue reading He draws us out of many waters

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For Christ’s sake, the sake of others, and your own, have a vision

Having visions from Jehovah God is paramount to an individual's spiritual well-being and to a community's well-being also. By "visions," I mean something genuine that goes beyond fake stuff in some Christian circles such as Benny Hinn causing whole groups of people to fall out while at the foot of his stage. Proverbs 29:15 states,… Continue reading For Christ’s sake, the sake of others, and your own, have a vision

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It’s mainly an endurance race, not a sprint

Endurance. Stamina. Patience. According to Hebrews 12, we must allow God to place these within us to make it all the way through to the end in our Christian life. As Paul states: 1 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and… Continue reading It’s mainly an endurance race, not a sprint

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Sun & Shield now on

After years of being censored on Facebook by having my stats lowered, fake followers who are added and then deleted as part of their mind games, notifications blocked, and various other psy ops games the gatekeepers at Facebook play, I have now opened an account with If you have never heard of, it… Continue reading Sun & Shield now on

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Chosen, called, and upheld by God

One of the many good reasons to regularly study God's word and apply it is so we can be reminded just how faithful God is to us and how beneficial that relationship is for us to make it in this life as we prepare for the next life. Isaiah 41:8-13 is one place where we… Continue reading Chosen, called, and upheld by God

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Desperation brings divine revelation

While he was experiencing the absolute worst period in his life, having personally lost everything, Job had even more insults added to his injury. Those insults came in the form of three friends who mercilessly attacked his character by blaming Job for everything that had gone wrong as well as family, friends, and neighbors who… Continue reading Desperation brings divine revelation

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Selah in Shiloh to find our lots in life

When Joshua took over leadership of Israel after Moses's death, the nation continued to accomplish many things at Jehovah's command in order to settle the land they were blessed with. To commemorate what God had done for them up to that point, a solemn assembly was called together in Joshua 18 as a selah, a… Continue reading Selah in Shiloh to find our lots in life

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Avoiding covetous distractions

I'll admit that there have been a good number of times when I walked into a church gathering to hear from the Lord where I was more focused on how to work out a financial situation in my life for my self-serving benefit. So focused, in fact, that I missed out on the full impact… Continue reading Avoiding covetous distractions

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It’s good for me to draw near to God

We may be living in a period where many are forsaking the Lord because they are deceived by the seemingly attractive things of the world, but I thank God that his Holy Spirit in me continues to encourage me to draw near to my Heavenly Father with my whole heart. With his loving persistence, the… Continue reading It’s good for me to draw near to God

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Canadian study: Increased marijuana use in teens increases psychotic episodes

A four-year Canadian study in Montreal that examined 4,000 teens in 31 high schools in Montreal and its suburbs found that when teens went from occasional marijuana use to weekly or daily use, their psychotic episodes became "more exaggerated and more frequent..." The study was done in light of Canada's plans to legalize recreational use… Continue reading Canadian study: Increased marijuana use in teens increases psychotic episodes