Creationist Scientist Shares 7 Fascinating Cellular, Molecular Human Body Functions of Divine Design

Over this past weekend, the Institute of Creation Research (ICR) hosted a live stream of their seminar entitled, "Darwin Dethroned." The live stream lasted almost 5 hours, but I found the first presenter the most interesting of the three presenters in the video below. Dr. Brian Thomas has a Master of Science in Biotechnology and... Continue Reading →

Florida Diver’s Rescue Shows God Continues His Miracles in 2023

Florida diver, 22-year-old Dylan Gartenmeyer, and his mother share the story of his miraculous rescue after being swept away off the coast of the Florida Keys. On NBC's Today Show a few days ago, the hostesses gave a recap of the harrowing ordeal that went viral this week and then Dylan and his mother give... Continue Reading →

When Satan Does a Fake Out, Be Steadfast and Unmovable

Any sports fan who regularly watches their favorite sport will at one time or another witness an athlete pull off a fake out move that helps them gain an advantage over their opponent. It doesn't matter if it's boxing, basketball, football, baseball, soccer, wrestling, etc., fake out moves can happen in practically any sport. Fake... Continue Reading →

Can Revival Happen Again in America? Kirk Cameron and Greg Laurie Weigh In

Fresh off his successful endeavor to bring a Christian version of children’s story hour to a public library in Indianapolis, Kirk Cameron sat down with Greg Laurie to discuss whether or not the U.S. is ready to experience another Christian revival. How far will the U.S. and churches in America sink before genuine revival occurs?... Continue Reading →

A Profusion of Propaganda: Dodging the Spin-offs of MK Ultra

Radio hostess Mel K released this 45-minute video on BitChute discussing various means of propaganda being spread throughout society today. As her guest Cathy O'Brien points out, much of the brainwashing unleashed through various organizations and media outlets are based on methods used in the CIA's MK Ultra program. When I watched this video, it... Continue Reading →

A Conservative Christian Criticizes Euthanasia In Canada, Parental Rights Violation in New Zealand

Calvin Robinson, a conservative commentator in the UK and deacon in the Free Church of England, raises his objections to the expanding use of medical assisted suicide in Canada and the innocent lives it snuffs out. Additionally, he criticizes how parents in New Zealand had their child stolen from them by the government because of... Continue Reading →

That Time When Paul Taught Timothy the Importance of Discussing Bible Prophecy

There may be a number of church leaders in our time who are reluctant to preach about Bible prophecy or who avoid tackling it, but prophecy is part of the gospel's package deal. Bible prophecy is intertwined and inseparable from the gospel of Jesus Christ. That spiritual fact is on display in all four gospels... Continue Reading →

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