Driving out distractions for comprehensive communion with God

In Genesis 15, we see how several years after Abram entered into a relationship with the Lord, Jehovah reassured Abram that all of the promises he mentioned in years past would indeed come to fruition. Despite the fact Abram was now a seasoned believer, he asked God for some evidence of the prophetic promises in... Continue Reading →

God is the saving strength of his anointed

Prayer is an incredible tool used by God's saints to which the Lord responds by affecting situations in the world. For millennia, saints have called out to Jehovah to usher in his righteousness and justice in its various forms as they ask him to thwart the wicked and their wicked actions or schemes. David was... Continue Reading →

Rapprochement with the Lord brings refreshing restoration

I just love the fact that the Lord Jehovah is the God who seeks rapprochement /ra-'prōsh-mon/ with us mere mortals even though we don't deserve it. What's rapprochement? An establishment of reconciliation and harmonious relations between two or more parties who are at odds. The blessed party who experiences that with the Lord through Jesus... Continue Reading →

Believers who praise God’s word are believers who prosper

Praising and glorifying God's word are such an important part of our relationship with the Lord and churchgoers who resist it in any way will find themselves in a downward spiritual trend, lacking spiritual growth or maturity. It's sad to see how prevalent it is for churches and individual believers to allow themselves to be... Continue Reading →

Thar’s good in them thar hymns: music’s importance to the church

When it comes to what type of music should be played in church, the opinions are probably as vast as the individuals who attend church. Some believers think only old hymns are good enough for church, others think the praise and worship music of today should be the dominant or only format in church, and still others think... Continue Reading →

How persecution can lead to prophetic praise

The opening of 1 Samuel introduces us to a mighty woman of God named Hannah. Little did she know what an impact her seemingly insignificant life would play in blessing the whole nation of Israel. Early on in the book, we find that she was facing two huge problems--her sterility and persecution from her husband Elkanah's... Continue Reading →

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