Some legal history in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

In the 1940s, a group of Hispanic-American parents led by Gonzalo Mendez filed a lawsuit on behalf of their children who were attending grade school in California's Orange County.  The children were being segregated into separate facilities and being taught a different curriculum, both of which were inferior to what the white children were experiencing.  The... Continue Reading →

Suicide-by-train rising for abused Asian women in the UK

Two years ago a young mother aged 27 named Navjeet Sidhu took her five year old daughter and 23 month old son into her arms and jumped in front of a moving train in London, killing all three of them.  Six months later her mother jumped in front of a train at the same spot. ... Continue Reading →

Jephtha’s needless dilemma: why it pays to know God’s word

There are plenty of stories in the Bible that cause me to question the lack of foresight of some of the people mentioned and in my opinion Jephthah fulfilling a hastily made vow that negatively affects his daughter ranks in the top five. In case you're not familiar with the story, here's what happened in... Continue Reading →

Syria-Iran experiment blows up in their faces

The Jerusalem Post reported today on an article originally appearing in Jane's Magazine that the close ties between Iran and Syria surfaced when a cooperative experiment to develop chemical weapons literally blew up in the faces of the team working on it.  The Syrian-Iranian team made up of Iranian engineers and Syrian soldiers were in the process... Continue Reading →

California judge burns global warming advocates

With the global warming debate heating up all over the world, one California judge decided he has heard enough of the nonsense and threw out a lawsuit filed by CA attorney general Jerry Brown.  U.S. District Judge Martin Jenkins  of San Francisco stated that the lawsuit against the six largest automakers ignored the obvious fact... Continue Reading →

Guilt trip: being unworthy to receive communion

I remember when I was growing up and being taught about the significance of having communion at church.  Once I was saved I understood that the unleavened bread symbolized the broken body of our sinless savior and the wine represented his blood.  Communion is our memorial of the Lord Jesus Christ dying for our sins which... Continue Reading →

I love it when suicide bombers fail

Here is an article verbatim from the Jerusalem Post about failed suicide bomb attempts reported 2007/9/12: "Security forces arrested a Popular Resistance Committees member on his way to commit a suicide bombing in Beersheba, security officials announced on Wednesday. The 22-year-old Rafah resident said he had reached Israel through Sinai from the Gaza Strip and... Continue Reading →

European racism increases

The Council of Europe, the main human rights organization of that continent, reported to BosNewsLife on Sept. 12, 2007 that they are concerned about the rise of anti-Jewish sentiments that are sweeping across Europe.  In response to the rising hatred, the Council will host a campaign September 18 in Paris, Kiev, and Warsaw called "All Different-All Equal" to... Continue Reading →

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