Hearing from God is an everyday thing–if we want it to be

Being caught up in the hustle of our busy lives or in something we know isn't pleasing to God can deceive us into thinking that God is so far away from us that we can't feel him or he's difficult to reach or that he has more important things to do than be bothered with... Continue Reading →

Former Secy. of Defense wants Boy Scouts to jump from frying pan into the fire for gay rights

Remarks recently made by Robert Gates, the former US Secretary of Defense and President of the Boy Scouts of America, is very telling if one is attentive to the direction this world is headed. He criticized the Boy Scouts for not allowing homosexual adults into scout leadership. Calling the practice "unsustainable," Gates encouraged each autonomous... Continue Reading →

A case for compassionate capitalism from its “founding father”

If one were to believe without question what liberals say in the mainstream media and in academia about capitalism, one would think capitalism is all about greed, oppression, division, and using law enforcement and/or military to secure only the rights of the rich and powerful at the expense of the poor. One would believe no... Continue Reading →

Gallup: More Americans want animals to have equal rights with humans

A recent Gallup poll reveals what happens when people buy into the lies promoting evolutionary theory. They move toward thinking animals are equal to humans. Almost 1/3 of Americans now think that Fido, Whiskers, and other animals should have the same rights that humans enjoy. That's up from 25% who thought the same way in... Continue Reading →

Netherlands judge orders 80-yr-old woman to be euthanized, despite objections of medical staff

An 80-yr-old woman with dementia was recently killed in the Netherlands, thanks to a judge's order. Medical staff at a care facility for dementia patients refused to agree to the idea of euthanizing her, but her family disagreed, filed a lawsuit, and won. When the medical staff appealed, the appeal was denied. Shortly thereafter, she... Continue Reading →

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