“Bible scholar” claims Christians are wrong on future resurrection

A few days ago, I did a post on how we are living in the days of damnable heresies. And wouldn't you know it, as I was reading the headlines today I came across an article where a so-called Christian preacher, interviewed by the Christian Post, is promoting a damnable heresy. Gerald Haug, an Assemblies... Continue Reading →

Armed man disrupts service, overpowered by congregants

During church service yesterday in Boiling Springs, SC, a man armed with a shotgun interrupted the service by kicking in the church doors. But several congregants saw him approaching and prepared themselves to confront the man. After Jesse Gates, 38, kicked the doors open at Southside Freewill Baptist Church, six congregants shut the doors, locked... Continue Reading →

Laotian Christians jailed for attending worship meeting

Two men and three women from southern Laos were jailed on Sunday, March 25 for attending a worship service. They were in Boukham village worshiping when authorities interrupted the service and took them into custody on charges of "leading religious movements without official approval." Human Rights Watch for Lao Religious Freedom has been asking the... Continue Reading →

Scholars claim Earth must be saved with more global governance

Steven Bernstein from the University of Toronto is among a group of scholars who are publishing a paper in the March 16, 2012 issue of Science calling for changes in how environmental organizations operate to save the Earth. They claim the focus has relied too heavily on national and international groups when it should be... Continue Reading →

Religious freedoms not threatened, say most Americans

The Public Religion Research Institute has released a new poll showing that most Americans don't believe religious liberties in the U.S. are being threatened, even in the midst of President Obama's recent mandate on birth control and abortion drugs. Of those polled, only 39% felt religious freedoms were threatened while 56% think there are no... Continue Reading →

Demise of Robert Schuller’s ministry a lesson to all

Robert Schuller and his wife, Arvella, have resigned from the board of the Crystal Cathedral ministry after they became fed up with ongoing legal disputes over intellectual property rights, copyright concerns, and who should get paid for what services. The problems within the ministry have been going on for several years and now seems to... Continue Reading →

Intelligent Design discrimination case starts tomorrow

David Coppedge worked for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California for 14 years. During that time he was the ideal employee and advanced to a management position. However, everything changed when he started sharing his personal views with his colleagues. When the subject about the origin of Earth and the universe came up in conversations,... Continue Reading →

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