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Armed man disrupts service, overpowered by congregants

During church service yesterday in Boiling Springs, SC, a man armed with a shotgun interrupted the service by kicking in the church doors. But several congregants saw him approaching and prepared themselves to confront the man.

After Jesse Gates, 38, kicked the doors open at Southside Freewill Baptist Church, six congregants shut the doors, locked them, disarmed Gates and held him until the sheriff’s deputies came to take Gates into custody. No one was injured in the scuffle. Gates was charged with “burglary, disturbing a place of worship, and attempted kidnapping,” by the Spartansburg County Sheriff’s office. The kidnapping charge was for pointing the shotgun at the pastor.

Gates’ 34-year-old sister was charged for giving her brother the shotgun and driving him to the church. He said he was angry for having his kids taken away and wanted people to take notice of what he was going through.

I’m sure that attacking people armed with a shotgun is a great way to win friends and influence people to your cause. Wow, the excuses some people come up with for their bad behavior sometimes is amazing. But kudos to the church folk who weren’t about to sit by and take such nonsense.

Source: Shotgun-Toting Man Disrupts South Carolina Church, Disarmed By Congregation. March 26, 2012.

–Harry A. Gaylord–


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