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Religious freedoms not threatened, say most Americans

The Public Religion Research Institute has released a new poll showing that most Americans don’t believe religious liberties in the U.S. are being threatened, even in the midst of President Obama’s recent mandate on birth control and abortion drugs. Of those polled, only 39% felt religious freedoms were threatened while 56% think there are no threats to religious freedoms.

The poll found that a majority of Tea Partiers, Republicans, senior citizens, and evangelicals believe the threat is real, while a majority of Democrats, independents, millenials, and Catholics think things are just fine.

Pollsters also claim that most Catholics, mainline Protestants, and the non-religious have no problem with same sex marriage.

If this poll is accurate, it shows the sad spiritual state that the U.S. is in. The majority opinion may be a reflection of how many people aren’t paying attention to news not broadcast by the secular media, or don’t read the Bible, or don’t believe the Bible, and are buying into the lies of the secular media, movies, internet, and educational system even if they attend church. Then we wonder why so many natural disasters are occurring. And many are curious about why there are no clear references to the U.S. in end times Bible prophecy.

Source: Jonathan Moormann. Majority of Americans Do Not Believe Religious Liberty is Under Attack. The Christian Post. March 15, 2012.


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