Telling the truth to shame the devil

Is it wrong to demean other religions? Should we just live and let live? Does a Christian criticizing other religions misrepresent the Jesus in the Bible? These are criticisms often leveled against me by those who leave comments. Many times they return to give me more opposition. There are Christians who carry out their ministry... Continue Reading →

UN chooses Saudi Arabia to head counter terrorism unit

In a laughable turn of ironic events that can only happen at the United Nations, the UN has selected Saudi Arabia to take the lead in their UN Centre for Counter Terrorism (UNCCT). The UNCCT was started in 2010 to push for a global effort in the war on terrorism. The agency was established based... Continue Reading →

Eugenics, Margaret Sanger, “Progressives”, & the culture of death

In spite of the fact that it's scientific fact the pre-born are living humans, in spite of the fact that a majority of Americans are now pro-life, in spite of the fact that killing the pre-born is murder, "progressives" like those running Planned Parenthood and Democratic legislators are still pushing for abortion on demand. They... Continue Reading →

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