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Scientists miscalculate age of thick ice sheets

"Secular scientists often say that thick ice sheets, like those in Greenland, took hundreds of thousands of years to form. They say each layer represents one year. So all you do is count the layers to get the age, right? Wrong! It's not that simple." (Institute for Creation Research)

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Answers News for July 2, 2018

Answers in Genesis staff (Ken Ham, Georgia Purdom, and Avery Foley) discuss Hillsong's Joel Houston tweeting about how popular worship song "So Will I" promotes evolution and the controversy it sparked, the Supreme Court turning down case of Christian grandmother who refused to make floral arrangement for gay wedding, the Supreme Court decision on freedom… Continue reading Answers News for July 2, 2018

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Answers News for June 7, 2018

Ken Ham, Georgia Purdom, and Bodie Hodge discuss various recent news articles in this 34-minute video. Among the topics are their new VBS curriculum that shows Biblically how all humans are one race with different shades, evolutionists who change the timeline of lizards again based on an older lizard fossil that shows lizards have not… Continue reading Answers News for June 7, 2018

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Answers News May 3, 2018

Georgia Purdom, Bodie Hodge, & Avery Foley of Answers in Genesis ministry talk about current events such as the National Day of Prayer, Alfie Evans and violation of parental rights and the right to life in the UK, sexism, Pew Research study on belief in God, and more.

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Answers News April 23, 2018

As usual, staff members from Answers in Genesis cover interesting topics. Monday they talked about a gay rights lawyer/environmental activist burning himself to death to protest climate change, Australia's birth certificate gender choices, attempts to turn evangelicals into socialist activists, Asian DNA in indigenous Mexicans, and more.

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How should Christians handle UFO & alien accounts?

Researchers from Creation Ministries International give some history on UFO sightings, the philosophy behind the belief in extraterrestrials, whether or not such things have a scientific basis, and principles the Bible gives us on how to respond to those beliefs and encounters.

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Answers News for April 9, 2018

The team at Answers in Genesis discusses California's latest crazy push to put cancer warning labels on cappuccino based on junk science, a new organ discovered in the human body, the London ban on knives, an evolutionists' contradictory and illogical study on the size of whales, frogs that have a resistance to a deadly fungus,… Continue reading Answers News for April 9, 2018

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Answers News for March 26, 2018

Ken Ham, Dr. Georgia Purdom, and Bodie Hodge discuss the decline of Christianity in some parts of Europe, an atheist who was rejected as a US Navy chaplain, the importance of questioning information on social media, evolutionists who find human intelligence earlier than their previous assumptions, Crisis Pregnancy Centers in California take their case to… Continue reading Answers News for March 26, 2018

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University of Central Oklahoma reverses cancellation of Ken Ham’s talk

The University of Central Oklahoma, after initially caving to LGBT pressure to cancel a lecture from Ken Ham, has reversed the cancellation. Ken Ham and Dr. Georgia Purdom from Answers in Genesis will now be allowed to speak at the university on the science and scientific methods of creationists. Furthermore, in the run up to… Continue reading University of Central Oklahoma reverses cancellation of Ken Ham’s talk

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Tackling the “Who created God?” question

I've said it before, and I'll say it again--the Christian faith is a faith that calls for reasoning. Throughout scripture we find worshipers of Jehovah in both the Old Testament and New Testament spent time with the Lord to gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. This provided them with the God-given ability to reason with others… Continue reading Tackling the “Who created God?” question