Defining moments in ministry: Launching out just because God said it

Believers in Christ sooner or later will have at least one defining moment in their relationship with the Lord that will grow their faith in some way. That may especially be true as the day of his return approaches and the world's darkness grows. I was reminded of that in Luke 5:2-10. We find out... Continue Reading →

Praying in the Spirit does not require speaking in tongues

What does it mean to pray in the Spirit? For many decades, those who consider themselves Pentecostals have been teaching that it means that one has to pray in an unknown tongue to pray in the spirit. They usually refer to 1 Corinthians 14:14 to back it up. There's a huge problem with that idea.... Continue Reading →

Tomb of the Maccabees may have been discovered in Israel

An archaeological dig in Israel, just west of Jerusalem, has uncovered a structure that seems to fit the description of historical accounts regarding the tomb of the Maccabees. The Maccabees were a group that revolted against the Seleucids and the Hellenists who supported them, who were the successors of Alexander the Great in ruling Israel. Things... Continue Reading →

God does a reboot sometimes to distribute his blessings

One way or another God will get his way. When Jehovah determined to give the Promised Land (full of milk and honey and many other blessings) to Israel, he chose 12 men to stand with Moses and Aaron to help him distribute the blessing. Unfortunately, all of them proved unworthy to carry out God's plan, so he... Continue Reading →

Liberty University lets socialist Bernie Sanders speak to its student body

At its weekly convocation on Monday, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. introduced the student body to Democratic Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who claims to be Jewish. Falwell, in his introduction, stated that he hoped to find "common ground" with the candidate on some important issues. Right out of the starting gate Sanders proudly... Continue Reading →

Recognizing God’s seal of approval on a church

How a church deals with life's challenges and how believers within a congregation interact with each other can be great markers for how close they really are to God. In Acts 6, the early church faced some ethnic/racial issues. In the midst of exponential growth of its members and its ministry to care for the widows, the... Continue Reading →

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