Ancient Egyptian coins have Joseph’s name, likeness

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported several days ago that archeologists in Egypt have discovered coins from ancient Egypt that have the biblical Joseph's name and likeness.  MEMRI got the report from Al Ahram, an Egyptian daily.  However, I could not find the original report to verify that.  These coins were in the... Continue Reading →

Christian Pakistani couple granted asylum in UK

According to the Christian Telegraph, a Christian Pakistani man and his Christian wife who used to be Muslim have been granted asylum in the UK.  Lawyers for the couple argued their case before the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal in the UK, urging the Tribunal to allow the couple, who were persecuted in Pakistan, to remain... Continue Reading →

can a person KNOW they’re really saved?

When the topic of a Christian's salvation from sin arises in religious conversations, I've noticed that there is at times some confusion about what salvation is, how one gets saved, and if it can be retained.  Some religious leaders teach that salvation is an ongoing process while others say it is a one-time occurrence that... Continue Reading →

The world’s love for hating all things Christian

As decades have come and gone, those of us who pay attention to the news have noticed that there has been an increase in hatred toward Christians, Christianity, and the Bible.  This hatred has risen in its intensity in recent years, manifesting itself in a number of ways, including increased sales of books on atheism/agnosticism,... Continue Reading →

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