Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) sparks rise in fraud

So far, every concern predicted about the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, is coming true--the higher premiums, people not being able to keep their original plans, etc. Now we can add another prediction coming to fruition--a rise in incidents of fraud in the form of medical identity theft. This could be attributed to new databases... Continue Reading →

Copycats and counterfeits are never as good as the original, so why be one?

Law-abiding people hate it when they pay good money to buy a luxury item with a good name on it only to find out later that it's a fake and they've been duped. Worse yet is if they believe the money in their possession is real and they attempt to use it only to discover... Continue Reading →

Self(ie)-obsession leads kid to attempted suicide

Narcissistic self-obsession in our society continues to display itself in unusual ways thanks to technologies like smartphones and social media. Danny Bowman, a 19-yr-old in the UK, is one of the latest examples. He became so obsessed with himself that taking selfies took over his life. Bowman's habit got so severe that he would take... Continue Reading →

U.S. Senate ready to pass bill protecting journalists but bloggers excluded

The U.S. Senate has mustered up enough bipartisan votes to pass a new media shield bill into law. The measure was crafted after huge concerns were raised when the DOJ secretly confiscated records from the Associated Press and James Rosen of Fox News under the guise of investigating leaks of classified information. Many Americans have... Continue Reading →

Nowhere to run, nothing to hide

Although there are many Americans who hate that the NSA is snooping on them, there are many Americans who don't seem to care. Citizens who are nonplussed and indifferent about it often use the "I-have-nothing-to-hide" excuse for their attitude. But if things progress the way they have been with the government expanding its snooping capabilities... Continue Reading →

Caveat in the context: why confessing Christ doesn’t mean you have the Holy Spirit

A dangerous doctrine is being bandied about in religious circles that states if someone says "Jesus is Christ" or claims to believe in Jesus, we can assume they are Christian. 1 John 4: 1-3 is used for this assumption, which states Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:... Continue Reading →

Obama admin & other world leaders not really interested in restraining Russia

Do you know why? The globalists running the New World Order agenda are secretly rooting for Russia and other socialist powers like China to ru[i]n the whole world.  Geopolitical systems of tyranny that Russians and Islamists embrace are more in line with tight controls over individuals that globalists want, as opposed to free market societies... Continue Reading →

Sanctions don’t stop North Korea’s arsenal, now featuring drones

Although North Korea is financially-challenged due to worldwide sanctions against them, it still manages to creep along successfully in it's military capabilities possibly due in part to secret help from nations who don't honor the sanctions. A report issued by the Pentagon on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 reveals the North Koreans now have an unmanned... Continue Reading →

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