How would Jesus vote? I don’t know!

Last night I watched Book TV on C-Span2 where they broadcasted Jerry Newcombe, producer of Coral Ridge Ministries, who was promoting his new book co-authored by the late D. James Kennedy titled How Would Jesus Vote? at a Bible College in Florida.  He made some very good points regarding education of our children, aiding the poor,... Continue Reading →

3 reasons some prophecies are hard to understand

Have you ever read some of the prophecies in the Bible and had no clue as to what the prophet or God was talking about?  It's happened to me on several occasions and there are several that after reading and re-reading that I still don't understand.  I've consulted commentaries and sought explanations from preachers a... Continue Reading →

Need a natural pick-me-up? Burn some frankincense.

Scientists from Johns Hopkins University and Hebrew University in Jerusalem recently discovered that burning frankincense affects receptors in the brain by relieving anxiety and depression.  The findings of the study, published in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) Journal on May 20 and reported by ScienceDaily, reveal that when frankincense was tested in mice,... Continue Reading →

John Hagee: a prophet for profit?

We've all heard by now how John Hagee has apologized for his anti-Catholic remarks.  His statement to the Catholic league expressed his "deep regret for any comments Catholics found hurtful."  He acknowledged that calling the Roman Catholic church "the great whore" and other such terms have often been used in anti-Catholic literature. Hagee has been preaching... Continue Reading →

Archaeologists’ latest theory on Ark of the Covenant

WorldNetDaily has reported that University of Hamburg archaeologists have located the queen of Sheba's palace in Ethiopia where the Ark of the Covenant was supposedly kept by the queen. According to legend, the queen married Solomon in the 10th century B.C. and the ark was later smuggled into Ethiopia by their son Menelek, where it... Continue Reading →

Evangelical numbers are decreasing, says author

An interesting article appears in today's Dallas News by Christine Wicker and Jeffrey Weiss.  Ms. Wicker has written a book entitled The Fall of the Evangelical Nation.  Her findings claim that the religious right presently accounts for roughly 7% of the U.S. population and this number reflects a trend of decline that has been going... Continue Reading →

Fareed Zakaria’s post-American world

There's an interesting article by Fareed Zakaria published in this week's Newsweek entitled "The Rise of the Rest."  In his article he discusses how the world is changing to the point where many nations are making great strides in economic advances.  Based on Zakaria's research, other nations have surpassed the U.S. in some economic areas... Continue Reading →

Nashville church takes vote to oust 71 members

Sunday morning, May 4, 2008, wasn't the typical Sunday at Two Rivers Baptist Church in Nashville, TN.  Instead of attending church to focus on ministering before the Lord, members were asked to vote on if they should eject 71 members from their congregation who filed a lawsuit against the church for access to financial records,... Continue Reading →

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