What Apostasy Is, How To Recognize It, and What Can Be Done About It

In the one-hour video below released on November 26, Doug Potter of the Southern Evangelical Seminary does a slide presentation on apostasy in the Christian church today. Potter highlights what the New Testament epistles say about apostasy in the church back in the first century and applies the same biblical principles to our time to... Continue Reading →

That Time When Paul Taught Timothy the Importance of Discussing Bible Prophecy

There may be a number of church leaders in our time who are reluctant to preach about Bible prophecy or who avoid tackling it, but prophecy is part of the gospel's package deal. Bible prophecy is intertwined and inseparable from the gospel of Jesus Christ. That spiritual fact is on display in all four gospels... Continue Reading →

Skills Forged in Hardships, But Used By God’s Holiness

In Exodus 31, the Bible introduces us to two impressive, skillful, and talented men--Bezaleel and Aholiab. Trained to be craftsmen while in the oppressive bondage of Egypt, when God freed them with the rest of Israel, he revealed where all their skill really came from and laid out the higher purpose for why their talents... Continue Reading →

God’s Word, Obedience, and Godly Fear Should Unleash a Spark in Our Spirits

When the Israelite captives returned to Judah to rebuild Jerusalem, for a brief period they worked excitedly and feverishly to get a lot of the construction work done. Then they took their eyes off the Lord and what he told them to do, allowing their enemies, the heathen government, and apathy discourage them from moving... Continue Reading →

Doing Godly Things to Help the Ungrateful Can Still Grant Us God’s Blessings

You can bend over backwards and go to great lengths in making personal sacrifices to help certain people and in the end they can still be so ungrateful. That's what I've seen unfold in the news in the past several weeks as first responders and medical professionals who were hailed as heroes for their good... Continue Reading →

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