The Traits of a Wise Preacher

Since we are living in the last days, it should be no surprise to us that our world is full of both trustworthy, godly teachers and false teachers who get their kicks from deceiving people. This is what the Lord Jesus and his apostles prophesied would happen. Given that reality, it's in the best interest... Continue Reading →

Filled With Joy, Peace, and Hope in the Power of the Holy Ghost

A crucial assurance within the loving relationship between us as believers and the God we serve in our praise to him is the confidence that he is the God of hope. Whether we are in the midst of trying times or experiencing times of laid back calm, our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ moves... Continue Reading →

The True Gospel Isn’t Only In Word, It’s Also In Power

If the gospel of Jesus Christ was like any other religion, it would just be a bunch of empty words that really have no genuinely positive change in people's lives, especially in their minds and hearts. That's one reason why God has made it a priority to accompany the preaching of his word with power... Continue Reading →

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