Ministering to the Saints is Godly Work and a Labor of Love

Today when we think of the term "minister" or "to minister" in religious circles, what often comes to mind is the clergy of any church, whether dressed in suits, robes, or casual wear carrying out preaching or teaching or running a program for the congregation. However, in the Bible the word has broader application given... Continue Reading →

Called to Persuade People, Being Mindful of the Ultimate Divine Appointment

Confidence with pure, godly motivations. That's what Paul, his companions in the ministry, and other apostles sought to display as they traveled the world preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is what he explained in 2 Corinthians 5:8-11. These are qualities all believers should shoot for. In the midst of their Holy... Continue Reading →

Humbly Receiving God’s Word Leaves Us In a Pleasant State of Certainty

Among the many lessons that God repeatedly makes clear throughout the Bible is that he wants his people to have confidence and boldness in him and in his word. Having confidence and boldness in him makes us less susceptible to caving in to the many deceptions that fill our world today. People more often than... Continue Reading →

Fierce Human Opposition Won’t Stop Godly Boldness

The gospel from its very inception through the Lord Jesus Christ has always faced contentions and opposition, yet it has continued to consistently spread and save millions of lives through the centuries. Why and how is that possible? When Paul wrote to the Thessalonians, he gave us some ideas as to why and how the... Continue Reading →

How Christ’s Miracle and Educated Fools Drew a Man To Salvation

The interaction in John 9:24-34 between the religious leaders and the healed man who was born blind is an interesting passage. The formerly blind man ended up being wiser and more knowledgeable than those well-educated leaders who professed to be very wise. In verse 24, the educated fools grilled the healed man for a second... Continue Reading →

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