The Netherlands’ Rising Drug Crimes Rate Makes Them Look Like a Narco State

Although, technically, the Netherlands has not legalized drugs, it has had a "tolerant policy" toward "soft drugs" like marijuana since the 1970s. The policy was adopted by the liberal government to alleviate drug problems by providing government controls to regulate their distribution and use as opposed to continuing the ongoing failures of trying to eradicate... Continue Reading →

Australian Christians ordered to pay back taxes after claiming taxes were against God’s will

In Tasmania, Australia, a brother and sister were ordered to pay $2.32 million in back taxes, interest, and court costs several years after they ceased paying taxes. The Beerepoots regularly paid taxes up until 2011, when they claimed they got a deeper understanding of God and what he said in his word. According to them,... Continue Reading →

Ohio pastors reap economic benefits after a letter blessing Israel

In January 2017, over 100 pastors in North Central Ohio got together to send a letter of apology to the government of Israel for the way the Obama administration treated them and denounced the Obama administration's various betrayals of Israel, including at the UN. They also reassured Israel of their steadfast support of the Jewish... Continue Reading →

Former banker for elite globalists exposes their Satanic rituals

An interview of Dutch entrepreneur Ronald Bernard recently by De Vrije Media has gone viral in the last few days. The reason being is that Bernard handled the finances of Illuminati members, especially in Europe. It is a 39 minute video worth watching to expose how the Enemy, i.e. Satan, is using bankers and other... Continue Reading →

Christian filmmakers sue Minnesota over law forcing them to film same-sex ‘weddings’

A husband-and-wife duo who started their own filmmaking company in St. Cloud, Minnesota, have filed a lawsuit against Minnesota's attorney general and commissioner of human rights stating that their constitutional rights are being violated. The human rights commission enforces a state act that demands all businesses who do weddings to provide services for same-sex "weddings."... Continue Reading →

Microchip madness: human implanting slowly grows in popularity

The Czech Republic now has 11 citizens who have voluntarily gotten microchip implants placed inside their hands. They use the NFC-chip to unlock the doors to their homes and to make Bitcoin payments anywhere a chip reader is available and Bitcoins are accepted. When they received the implants through a needle between their thumb and... Continue Reading →

Leaked Trans Pacific Partnership chapter smacks of globalist new world order cronyism

If a dog bites you once, shame on the dog, but if it bites you again, shame on you. So the saying goes. Despite that sage advice, there are many politicians like President Barack Obama and corporations like Monsanto who want us to trust their word as they promote the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) even... Continue Reading →

Automakers to share info with government that may cause privacy concerns for drivers

Ford, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, and 9 other motor vehicle companies have joined forces to establish a center for sharing and analyzing cyber security data should hackers target their vehicles in order to prevent such attacks. The center is scheduled to be opened in a few months. They also expect to let the government in on... Continue Reading →

Man-made California drought worsened by pot farms, or, how liberal policies bite you in the rear

Back in the 1970s, some California leaders forecast the state's population and agricultural growth over the next few decades and knew that they would have to take certain measures to build up the state's water reservoirs and a system of conduits to move water around efficiently to meet the growing population's growing demands for water.... Continue Reading →

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