Two African shamans claim they help African pastors with signs & wonders

As Christianity has reignited across the African continent by leaps and bounds in recent decades, the "wheat" of God's crop is growing in the midst of the "tares" planted by Satan in very disturbing ways. Our Lord Jesus was never one to make any of his statements lightly. There was a reason he and the... Continue Reading →

Thieves die after stealing from dead church leader: curse or coincidence?

In September 2016, Charles Chiriseri and his wife, Petunia, were on their way to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, when they were in a horrific accident that took his life and severely injured his wife. Mr. Chiriseri was a well-known "apostle." While his body lay at the crash scene with people and first responders gathered around, the unthinkable... Continue Reading →

Despite logistics challenges, Bible translations had stellar year in 2014

According to a new report by the United Bible Societies, 2014 most likely was a record-setting year for the number of new Bible translations in new languages. It was printed in 51 new languages covering 1.3 billion people. But it wasn't without it's challenges. Two challenges came in two African nations--Liberia and Nigeria. In Liberia,... Continue Reading →

Black, but comely: positive impacts of Blacks in the Bible

The Bible is a wonderful book that shows the interactions among humans and God's interactions with man.  Although the word of God highlights Israel as God's centerpiece of mankind, it also points out that God doesn't play favorites based on race or ethnicity, desiring that all men have a relationship with him.  Many stories in the... Continue Reading →

Secular hip hop artists are traitors

When I say this, I'm talking only about the ones who use derogatory language to tear people down.  Although I believe racism is inherent in this country because people pass their prejudices down from generation to generation like a cursed family heirloom, hip hop artists who promote the disrespectful thug mentality can be blamed for... Continue Reading →

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