Wrongful death suit filed against Joyce Meyer Ministries

A wrongful death suit has been filed  against Joyce Meyer Ministries on behalf of the family of slain mother Sheri Coleman and her two young sons who were also killed, claiming that the organization did not do enough to prevent their deaths which were allegedly done at the hands of Christopher Coleman, Sheri Coleman's husband. ... Continue Reading →

Television viewers love the Gospel Music Channel

ChristianNewsWire.com is reporting that a recent survey of television viewers shows that the Gospel Music Channel (GMC) is considered #1 in its value.  The Digital Cable Subscriber Study was conducted in July 2009 by BETA Research and the results were just released today.  The survey is done every year to get feedback from cable subscribers... Continue Reading →

Arduous “Ardi” hailed as new human evolution link

If you've been paying attention to science news this week, you've seen the latest link in the human evolution chain being promoted by scientists from the University of California, Berkeley.  The fossil which was discovered in Ethiopia in the early 1990s was named Ardipithicus ramidus, or Ardi for short.  Scientists at UC Berkeley claim the hominid is... Continue Reading →

Is prayer changing things in Afghanistan?

Prayercentral.net has reported that since they started organizing prayers for Afghanistan in late August, there has been a sharp decline in both troop and civilian casualties.  Their prayer campaign, called the Afghan Prayer Patrol, encourages anyone who is willing to leave a prayer at their website or pray the prayers in agreement with other prayers... Continue Reading →

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